Sinon, Ventus' Archer

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Sinon, Ventus' Archer

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Power         ***  
Agility        *****      
Toughness     **  
Intelligence   ****  
Willpower        *

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Shino Reneve Asada
Alias(es): Sinon (prounounced Shinon)
Gender: Female
Race: Cait Sith* (see bottom)
Age: 900
Birthday: Originally born in the world of Elrios, Sinon is unsure of when her birthday is related to Earthland. As such the day she remembers waking up in Fiore is the day she now counts as her birthday, June 25.  
Sexuality: Sinon is shy around guys, and feels more comfortable around other girls. She feels guys are immature, though there is the rare occasion they are not and she can grow to like them. Unless she has a reason to dislike you, Sinon will be rather friendly to most people, and is willing to get closer if the other is.

*A Cait Sith is a race of cat like humans. The live hidden throughout the forests of Elrios. They all have cat ears instead of human ears, and they also have a tail. They also live for a much longer span of time than humans, and thus age at a slower rate. They often display cat like agility, that above a normal human being.  

Height: Sinon stands and 5 ft tall with her ears down, though this is only when she is sad, disappointed, thinks a noise is to loud, or sometimes when she is in one of her ‘playful’ moods, her ears add, at best, 4 inches to her height.
Tail:Being a cat, Sinon has a tail. Her tail is similar to a lion’s tail, standing at about 3 ft in length, and about an inch and a half thick. The tip of her tail is tasseled and finely brushed.  
Weight:Built differently than humans, with a tremendous difference in bone density, Sinon is considered relatively light for a human her height, weighing in at only 90 lbs.  
Hair:Sinon’s hair, and fur covering her tail and ears, are both of a light blue hue. On the inside of her ears, the little bit of fur there is white.
Eyes:Sinon’s eyes are similar to a cat’s eye. She only requires 20% of the light the average human needs in order to see, as such she has a more decent night vision and is prone not to enjoy bright lights. Her Azure colored eyes are also slightly larger than the average human’s eye, making her eyes a very prominent feature of herself.

General Appearance: Generally Sinon is prone to attracting attention to herself. This is because of her special traits of being a Cait Sith. Her larger than normal eyes, her tail, and her ears attract all sorts of curious stares and points in Fiore. This does not bother the small stature Sinon. She is rather fond of people looking at her.

Sinon is fairly thin, most of what makes up her slender bodice is muscle though, from years of fighting, her legs, being the most muscular part of herself, cause of her fighting style. While saying she is muscular, it is hardly noticed due to her smaller bone frame than a human. She seems to look frail and weak to most onlookers. Measuring from shoulder to shoulder is only about 15 inches in length and her thighs, the thickest part of her leg, are about 10 inches round. Her feet are really small, almost the size of a 10 year old’s foot, which even by Cait Sith standards is exceptionally small feet. Her chest, is also the next most noticeable thing about her, mainly cause of how small the rest of her is, is her chest, which is only A cup in size.

She tends to hide her thinness for wearing a green garb etched in gold. This garb is similar to a shirt, however it falls down to about her knees, acting also as a short long coat. The left side of the garb has a long sleeve on it, while the right side has no sleeve. The sleeve is slightly baggy, to hide the skinny delicate arm underneath. This sleeve also serves as a means for Sinon to fire her bow and not cut her arm with the string. The garb covers her chest and is delicately tied around her delicate neck. The stomach is shown for once the garb bases the chest it opens up leaving it now to only trail down her sides to her knees. The rest of her normal attire consists of a pair of black jean short, specially designed for her tail to fit through, a small light weight breast plate, silver in color, this piece is more ornamental as it has lost the blessing of Ventus when she came to Fiore therefore it is more for looks than protecting her. She also wears a black tube top under her garb as a way to keep her chest concealed to better her shots with her bow. She wears black stockings and a pair of brown leather shoes that provide just enough support for her to travel even across rocky terrain with comfort. Finally she wears two straps on her back, one which holds a leather quiver full of arrows, and the other one is to hold her bow.

Sinon’s hairstyle is a little weird. It is frazzled and looks like it is unbrushed, however Sinon takes good care of her hair, and if it is petted, one would find it smooth and neat, without any tangles or knots or frayed ends. She keeps it relatively short, save for two parts, which she braids up with black ribbon.

Personality: Sinon is a rather energetic and outgoing person. Preferring to be called by her nickname, Sinon only reveals her true name if she needs to. When meeting new people Sinon is wary of their intentions, but she is not one to be caught up on that for long. If she finds out that you seem to be okay, you are a friend to her, unless of course you lied to her, or make fun of her or someone she is friends with. Naturally Sinon is even more cautious and wary around men. She finds it hard to understand them, but she can open up to them if she finds a common ground.

When it comes to battle, which is something that Sinon often does, for she is a warrior at heart, always eager to challenge her skills, and face new opponents in the field of battle. She feels a lot about a person can be learned on the battle field. However, she rarely asks for a duel, she waits to be asked or provoked enough to let it just happen.  In the battle, she acquires a cold and heartless personality, where she doesn’t stop until the job is done. She will do anything necessary to get the job done, as she is a battle-hardened warrior that knows that failure isn’t an option.

Sinon is not fond of small children, especially when they start messing with her tail. It is a little unnerving to her and she cannot retaliate back at them, for they are only curious and do not know any better. So she usually will either get snippy and angry with them hoping to scare them away, or hope someone passing by is such a kind soul as to help her out.

Sinon is not the leader type, she is one to follow orders, carrying them out with little thought about what consequences may happen if she does complete the task. She trusts the one in command knows what they are doing, but if it ever did come out that she was just being used or manipulated for malicious purposes, she would leave without a second thought, though not after telling the person exactly what she thinks of them.

Sometimes Sinon gets a little sadistic, but she is only looking to have a fun time. She knows deep down that she can never return to her world, and she just wants to enjoy her time here as best she can.

One more point on Sinon, is that she is obsessively protective and watchful of her bow. She is almost never seen without it, when she is sleeping it is always within her reach. Her bow is the only thing she has connected to her other life and she can be often found, when not otherwise occupied, doing maintenance or just simply cleaning/polishing her bow.
Likes: Being in a battle, having fun with friends, her bow, and swimming are a few things Sinon likes.
Dislikes: Some of Sinon’s dislikes are people whom are in charge that abuse power, loud noises, bright lights, dogs, and being alone.
-Sinon is eager to prove her worth in this new world, not so many people in Elrios was this willing to get up and help those in need. Daily Sinon strives to be the best she can be to not have her homeworld mocked for her failure.
-Friends are another motivator of Sinon’s. She is willing to stand up for a friend, even if she puts herself at risk. Friends are the only thing she has now, since family is back on Elrios.
-The biggest thing that scares Sinon, is the fact she is afraid to love in this world, for she knows that she lives much longer than those here. She is afraid of losing the one she loves before she goes.
-The other main fear that Sinon has, is that she is no longer needed. She always wants to be in action, and to have a purpose, she doesn’t want to feel that she is no longer useful. This is partly because she tends to want to stay busy to forget about coming to this world.

Occupation: Unfamiliar with this world, Sinon is currently without work. She doesn’t even honestly know what is going on in the world either, but once she finds out, she will continue being her warrior self, standing up for those that need help, and stopping those that need to be stopped.
Family: Sinon has a huge family. Her mother, father, 14 siblings, and most of her siblings, with her being the youngest, already had married and had kids of their own. This big family of hers is back in Elrios and she has no means to get there.
Medical Conditions: Sinon suffers from mild depression when she thinks of home, but she thinks of things here in Fiore to forget about it and distract herself.  
Pets: Sinon does not own a pet, and because of her lifestyle it is doubt she ever will own a pet.
Hometown: Sinon does not currently consider anywhere in Fiore her home. However when often asked where she is from she will reply Magnolia, for that is the first town she came to in Fiore.
Secrets: A big thing that Sinon likes to keep secret is where she is from. People tend to not believe her anyways and usually just laugh if she does describe her world, and she does not feel her world should be ridiculed.

Elrios, land of 6 humanoid races. It is also a land ruled by this magical power source known as the El. It is unknown how El came to be, or even still who first harnessed its power to benefit the world, but from the El came the 5 other humanoid races besides man. Each race divided up the land of Elrios to suit their needs, and have an era of peace. Among these races was on race of cat-like humans called the Cait Sith.

Out of all the races the Cait Sith led the most secluded life. They had been blessed with longevity, and secluded themselves from their more immature races. They lived within the forests of Ruben, deep near one of the El deposits, a source from which fragments of El could be used to assist people in some way. Living in the trees, the Cait Sith population grew in size, it is during this time that the story of Asada Shino begins.

Born as the last child to Ada Asada and Cosimo Asada, Shino was often overlooked and sometimes forgotten about by her parents. Shino’s life consisted mostly of play with other children her age, and the youngest two siblings of hers’. Shino did not enjoy the games and things the other girls did, and the other girls her age shunned her, for they claimed she was crazy. As such Shino was often playing with the boys and their sometimes violent games. And like this, the first 50 years of Shino’s life went through care free.

It was on Shino’s 50th birthday that it happened, it was a day that no one in Elrios would ever forget. It was a day afterwards called the birth of the Elfighters. The six Masters of El came down into the world, one to each race. They came foretelling of a terrible fate to the land, and to stop his fate from occurring, they would choose a warrior one from each race, to take up their power and to fight this fate. All of the Masters of El, left it at that, saying when the one they choose is born you will see us again, all of them except for the Master of Wind, Ventus. Ventus knew that if he waited for the time like the others would, his pick would be too young. As since he visited the Cait Sith’s, as that is his race, he knew he needed to choose one of the young children in the village to become his warrior, so that they would have the time they would need to learn to wield his magic properly, since Cait Sith’s are the one race that magic is hard for, giving up the knack for extreme magical prowess to live a long life.

Ventus spent many days in the village where Shino lived. He told everyone to go about their normal ways and he would let everyone know when he chose the person to be his warrior. He watched the children play, looking for the right one. He eyed some of the boys, but he noted that they were very aggressive at times, and tended to end up in little skirmishes with one another, and while he admitted that some of them were rather decent fighters, for being untrained, Ventus was looking for a fighter that would obey orders, think things through, and only attack when told or when necessary. However he did notice the girl that walked around with the boys like she was one of them. Having his interest peaked, Ventus watched her for quite some time. She seemed like an overall good natured person, she was friendly, even when people weren’t nice to her, she was not intimidated by the boys, and while she did not pick fights, she seemed to be regarded as one to be feared. She had respect and she could give it, but she seemed rather small, and frail and not a suitable fighter.

Unsure of whether or not to take a chance with this girl, or to pick on of the boys and try to break him of aggressiveness, Ventus’ decision came when the girl he had been observing snuck up on him without him even noticing she had left the crowd she was in. She looked him dead in the eyes and firmly asked him why he had been staring at her for the past few days. With this Ventus placed his hand on the child’s head and proclaimed loudly, that she is the one that he had chosen.

With that Shino was now the chosen fighter of Ventus. She didn’t think she was suited for the job, but her family told her she had no choice but to accept the offer and learn well. Ventus left Shino with her family for another 50 years; she was too young to start combat training of any kind, magic included. So the fifty years went by without much difference from before, well without a lot.

Now she was teased by the boys as well. They told her things like she wasn’t even strong, she was too small to do any good. The girls still had nothing to do with her. Ridicule also now came from home, as her parents used Shino’s status to elevate their power, and they watched Shino like hawks not allowing her to have any fun, because it wasn’t proper for someone of her status to be doing such things. Her siblings though, now started to defend their little sister from all directions. Her oldest brother even got into a fight once with her father protecting his little sister. At times Shino found life difficult and she would run off into the woods until she could run no more. She would fall onto her knees at these times and just sit there and cry. As such her legs became one of the most strongest parts of her, even though they were small and frail looking.

When 50 years had passed, Ventus returned to the village and took Shino with him. He took her to a secluded shack deep in the woods, and she lived here with Ventus for the several hundred years. Here she was trained by Ventus how to fight. Training was hard, as they had to find a fighting style that suited Shino, because Ventus said it was important to be comfortable in while in a fight, to make it seem like second nature. Shino studied hard, and trained in a variety of fighting styles until they tried out archery. Holding a bow in her small delicate hands, Shino felt somewhat more at ease than holding other weapons.

Ventus took it upon himself to train her to be the best archer imaginable. Also to help protect herself at a closer range, Ventus taught Shino martial arts. After some time he began to notice that while her arms were strong enough to pull back the bow and steady enough to do so with deadly accuracy, her punches were weak. As such he began to train her the art of kick boxing, and she began to become and exceptional fighter.

During all this fighting training, Ventus was also teaching Ventus the art of magic and Using the power of El. After 200 long years of learning, Shino was finally showing the ability to control and use the power of El. It took another 200 years for her to master how to control it and use it in combat. During this time though, Shino was alone. Ventus had told her he had taught her how to fight, and to start to control the El, and that was all he was allowed to do, since no one else in her race could teach her how to do those things. Shino traveled the forest, going from village to village protecting them as numbers of dangerous wild beasts to appear. She fended them off, and was soon named the Guardian of the Forest.

She was praised wherever she went, even back in her home village. She rebuilt a nice relationship with her family, and they wished her well as she left for she could not stay long. And thus those 200 years that it took for her to control the El passed. It was here that Shino, started to get her personality that she has today, though the next part of her life is what really brought her personality out. This next part was the time where Shino lived up to the task that which she was trained to do. Travel Elrios and save it from impending doom.

These ventures started when she met up with a boy and girl, both fairly young, at least 400 years younger than her. She decided to tag along with them on their search for someone whom had stolen something. This led through a series of adventures, going across the cities of Elrios, stopping the threats that endangered the people along the way. They met up with others that also wished for peace along the way and their journey eventually took them across the sea to the eastern part of Elrios. By this time her original meeting with the boy and girl was almost 480 years ago. They had aged, and it was clear they were showing signs of aging, though that is only natural, while the other races in Elrios do have longer lifespans, save for the human race, Cat Siths had quadruple the rest’s of the other races lifespans.

When they arrived in the sea town of Hamel, it was there they would remain for the next 19 years. A demon lord, Ran, had taken it upon himself to reek havoc upon the shining marble white city. The party Sinon, as the boy she had met decides to call her and she clung to the nickname, was in teamed up with a human fighter that lived in the town. With his help they traveled with ease through the area, trying to thwart Ran at every turn. They had some rough battles, but they managed somehow. When they finally figured they had cornered Ran, a mysterious masked man, whom went by the name of Glave, offered his assistance to the group, saying he could return them all to safety if something went wrong.
They allowed him to tag along, and they went to face Ran. The fight was intense, and even though it was 6, 7 if you counted the non fighting Glave, to one, and all 6 were exemplary fighters, Ran proved to much for them. It was looking bad, and so Glave started to bend time and space, to transport everyone back to a safe harbor. He had just sent everyone, and was about to leave himself, when Ran stabbed Glave through the heart and killed him on the spot.

Unaware of what happened the next thing Sinon remember was waking up in a strange place. She was not in the Hamel outskirts, or in Hamel, and none of the smells coming to her reminded her of anything. She was in a bed, and from the looks of the room, someone had taken her end and been nursing for some time. She however did not see her bow anywhere near her and she started to panic. Then a big man walked in, and upon noticing that she was awake he was startled at first, but then his expression quickly changed to that of a pleasant smile. He greeted himself as Ranor Taiga. He started to ask Sinon about her story, and she told him the whole thing. By the time she was through, the man had a small frown on his face, he blew it off and said that she had had one fancy dream.

He asked if she would like to stay here a while, and she did not know what was going on so first she questioned him about where she was, and what was going on. Ranor told her a little bit about Fiore, and about the recent war which had just ended naught but two years ago and how she had been asleep for almost one month. She asked for her bow, which apparently Ranor had taken unsure of Sinon’s intentions if she was to awaken, and he had never seen such an elegantly crafted bow. He returned it, and when Sinon grasped it, it felt wrong. Quickly she tried to tap into the magic power, but to no avail.

She looked around on the bow and noticed its 7 crystal like jewels that had once dotted the bow, were gone, with no trace they even were there. She asked if Ranor had done anything to the bow, and he replied with a solemn no. He then again asked if she would like to stay a while and figure things out, but she declined, stating she must find a way to fix the bow, for without the magic, she had worked years to master and spent several more years using, she felt as if a part of herself had just been ripped from herself. Ranor nodded, and handed Sinon a map of Fiore. He told her where he was, in a town called Magnolia, and he told her that there was a old blacksmith by the name of Dante’ living somewhere near Era last time he checked, though that was before the war.

He knew Dante’ was still around, but did not know where, and with this Dante’ person probably being the only one that could help her, Sinon headed off towards Era. Upon arriving there, she found that the place reminded her of an abandoned town she had once traveled through in her own world. She was glad people had returned to rebuild, and once she asked around and learned information that Dante’ seemed to have left right before the town was destroyed and that he fled off to the mountains , Sinon stayed for 6 months and helped with the rebuilding.

The people were grateful for her help, and she did not mind, but she was missing her helping people through fighting, and just helping them was not enough. So she eventually left and headed off in search of where Dante’ could be.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Currently Sinon is guildless. Due to her lack of magic with her bow missing the Elshards, she turned down from joining Fairy Tail.
Guild Tattoo: Not particularly fond of the idea of having markings on her skin, Sinon would place it upon her back, between the shoulder blades, so as she does not see it.

Magic: Ventus’ Archer
Caster or Holder: Holder
Description: Ventus’ Archer magic can only be used by the one that was chosen by the El Master of Wind, Ventus. He grants the user use of a bow, which allows them complete control over wind. He leaves it up to his chosen one to use it as they see fit, and to protect the world of Elrios. Sinon used the gift to augment her fighting style. She will wrap the arrows she shoots with wind or wrap it around her feet, as she is a capable kick boxer. She can use it to cast wind like aura’s around herself to buff allies, but mostly she uses the wind to power up herself and her bow if needed.

Strengths: Due to the nature of Sinon’s use of her magic, she is quite a capable fighter in close quarters as well as ranged fighting. She carries with her a bow string and a quiver of normal arrows, as such she does not need to use magic to fight all the time. Also her wind arrows provide a piercing effect that her normal arrows just cannot compete with. She also can use the wind to help provide a small boost in speed, which can be useful in any situation.

Weaknesses: The weakness’ of Sinon’s magic, is that she must have her bow in order to do anything. She also finds fighting other wind mages difficult at times, for unless she wraps her arrow with wind, wind mages tend to just try to blow them away. She also tends to be slower than most other mages, as since the bow is now fixed up to work with Lacrima instead of Elshards, Sinon finds it harder to tap into its magical power. She also has to take aim with her arrow shots, and control her breathing as if she was firing a normal bow, in order to gain accurate shots.

RP Sample:
Sun bathed down upon the small town of Shirotsume. The quiet town did not see much in the way of visitors, save for those few passersby that came in as they traveled through the mountains to go to other places. The inn for this reason was the biggest money maker of the town.

On this sunny day though, someone was walking purposefully towards this town. Why? She had reason to believe the person she had been looking for for a year was hiding in this town. She walked with a brisk pace, yet her movements made not a noise as she walked up the graveled path that led into the town. Her blue hair blew slightly behind her blowing in the gentle breeze, as did her garb she donned. She walked purposefully into the town and decided the inn would be the best place to gather information. She entered, in the inn was several round tables, with a few other travelers looking to be eating breakfast before they headed out once more. She felt the stares of them as she walked in, but she ignored them. She flicked her tail and the walked over to the front counter. “Hello there.. um .. miss. What can I do for you this morning?” the scrawny little tope wearing owner asked. She looked at him and smiled, “Well I hear an old coot came into town about 2 years ago. He is a blacksmith. Do you know where I can find him?”

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Re: Sinon, Ventus' Archer

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Welp guys. I am done. Go figure right?

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Re: Sinon, Ventus' Archer

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Hey Larcs....  Welcome to the REVOLUTION!


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Re: Sinon, Ventus' Archer

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