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Kristoff Bluethorn (WIP)

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Kristoff Bluethorn

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ****
Agility - *****
Toughness -  ***
Intelligence -  ***
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kristoff Bluethorn (real name: Aldrich Kingsley)
Alias(es): Azure Blade
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: May 2
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Blackish-brown, showing a different hue depending on the lighting
Eyes: Midnight Black

General Appearance: Kristoff carries the weight of a condemned man on his shoulders, and it shows. He has a perpetual frown on his smooth yet hard face. When he (rarely) smiles, one can notice the slightly longer canines, giving him a wolfish look. His eyes, always sharp and alert as if they haven't experienced sleep in days. The crown of black hair falls just above his broad shoulders in messy waves. He stands tall above others, in figure imposing and posture intimidating. His complexion is a transition between healthy brown and sickly pale, and beneath his clothing lie scars running across his skin. His large hands are calloused, worn from years of training and fighting, trying to keep his health up and honing his body into the toned slimness that grants him great power and agility. And still you almost never see him without a chocolate-coated biscuit stick between his lips.

He prefers to wear clothing that covers up the body, such as long-sleeved tops and slacks. He likes blending in with the crowd, so he only picks muted colors of black, khaki and green. Depending on the season he wears a trenchcoat, or a leather coat, or any coat that can keep out the cold, though he would prefer the embrace of a woman. In summer he doesn't bother to change his clothing choice; his magic conveniently cools him down enough. The only piece of fashion he cares about are shoes; he wears various leather loafers in differing shades of black and brown. He has a silver necklace with an aquamarine pendant, a memento of his foster family that died during the Refusal War. He never takes it off, and would go out of his way to make sure it stays on his person. Even in private, he likes to keep his body covered, wearing long-sleeved shirts and sweatpants. The only exception to this rule is when he's around a certain lady. Then again, at that point he's pretty much wearing nothing.

Personality: Kristoff was once a young man who looked up to life with a hopeful sparkle in his eyes and the fire of enthusiasm in his heart. He was ever the hardworking person, striving for his goals while looking for ways to give back to the family that cared for an orphan like him. He's the one to count on when you want to laugh from his helplessly corny jokes, or an ear to listen when troubles plague you, or even a shoulder to cry on when the burden becomes too heavy. Heck, he's the one who'd offer to carry part of the burden for you. He was that kind of a person, in all sense of the statement. He was strangely good with kids, with his stories and games. Most of the time though, he'd end up being the playhorse. He treated women and elderly with the politeness owed them, though he'd more likely stutter and say random things in the presence of a woman around his age. He was very modest to the point of being annoying, but there was one thing he'd say with complete pride: his dream of being a Rune Knight under the Magic Council, who were heroes in his mind back then.

Despite his good traits, he had his flaws. He was rather quick to anger. Insult a friend, a family member, or a woman, and he'd flare up like a stack of dry straw. He was also quite gullible; a crafty woman could wrap her little finger around him. And that was another thing - he was helplessly clueless in the ways of romance and women, despite having captured the eyes of many a woman in their village. He also believed himself capable of many things, despite being terribly bad at them. Cooking, origami, and poetry were some of these things. And he blindly believed in something that would make sure that everything would work out in the end.

Of course, that was the man Kristoff was once, before he was betrayed by everything he believed in. Years of imprisonment has festered in him much anger and resentment, slowly twisting him into the ruthless person that assassinated the Head Councilman. He became jaded with the world, preferring to keep to himself and refusing to trust others for fear of betrayal. He shows no mercy to his quarry, but not through a show of force. Rather, he takes his time whittling him down, which makes the final blow all the more satisfying. He is cynical, sarcastic, sometimes rude, and indifferent, but he still shows respect to those who deserves it. Some of the traits he had as a young man remained with him, twisted and tainted though they may be. He will console a crying person in passing; he might give treats to kids, to either get out of their way or make them go away; he is quicker to anger but he goes about it in subtler ways; he still has trouble talking to women, but he has managed to compensate for that with meaningful silence.

Still, beneath the hardened exterior lies his past self, though only a certain lady can hope to coax it out. This lady means the world to Kristoff, as she broke through his shell and practically forced him to trust again. He will protect her even at the cost of his life. Though he'd rather die than be caught shopping with her in clothing stores. Despite everything, he is still a little awkward around women. But his feelings are true, and he shows them in his own indirect way, even if he sometimes becomes more confusing than it's worth.


  • Chocolate-covered Biscuit Sticks - He always liked munching on a stick or two every hour or so. Even if they weren't that tasty, they helped him relax after a day's hard work. If he shares a stick with someone (which he rarely does) it is a sign of acceptance.
  • Tea - Hot or cold, sweet or not, tea is the enlightened form of water - to Kristoff at least. It might have something to do with him being a Water Dragon Slayer, but tea is the second-best thing that relaxes him after a day. He is particularly fond of green tea, since it reminds him of the fields he tended to in the past.
  • The Miss - Words cannot adequately express how much affection he has for this woman. He could write as many crappy poems, sing as many cheesy songs as he could, and it still wouldn't be enough. The simple act of hugging her - giving himself up completely to her touch - means so much more than anything he could ever say.
  • Cold Days - It gives him an excuse to be more affectionate. It also drives more customers to his shop, those looking for a warm cup of tea or coffee. Rainy days are the best, because then he can use his abilities to their fullest. Also, by extension, winter is his favorite season.
  • Kids - He might be the cranky old uncle who will whack a whippersnapper back into shape, but he can't help but have a soft spot for the little ones. Anyone who tries messing with a kid in his presence can get a free trip to the clinic.
  • Training - This is one thing he does religiously; every morning, before the cafe opens, and every night before he goes to bed. He trains his kata, his combos, and his forms. He allows himself to use the dragon slayer magic here, because it has become part of his combat style. It's... also a way to impress the Miss.
  • Singing - Not his own, because frankly he can't sing to save his life. Rather, he appreciates a good song once in a while. It reminds him of the one time a wonderful voice pulled him out of a very dark place and into the light. Coincidentally, he likes the Miss' singing best.


  • Attention - He hates being the center of it. He is the wallflower, the chameleon, the guy everyone mistakes as an emo. This stems from his training as an assassin, which drilled the importance of blending into the crowd. Though most times, he simply doesn't feel comfortable with the stares of people.
  • The Magic Council - He doesn't show it as much, but he still harbors resentment for the organization that betrayed him when he needed them most. He won't go out of his way to mess with the Rune Knights. He simply grabs the opportunity when it presents itself.
  • Self-Righteous People - Those who proactively impose their beliefs and justices on others irritate him to no end; partly because they remind him of his naive past self; mostly because they are pricks who need a good solid right hook to the face.
  • Alcohol - Kristoff considers this ungodly beverage the perversion of water. It drives people to madness, poisons their body and spirit. Alcohol stands against everything holy and pure with water. In fact, if he wasn't actively trying to keep his secret, he'd flood an entire bar off the map.
  • Very Noisy, Overcrowded Places - He doesn't like attention, and he sure as hell doesn't like a lot of people talking all at the same time. Back then, some missions necessitated blending in with the crowd for espionage or reconnaissance. He hated those missions the most.
  • Hot Days - Kristoff and heat haze days never go well together. Well, sure he can cool himself down with his magic, but hot days make him want to throw a bucket of ice-cold water towards the sun. And that is after he covers the entire town square in a week-long rain.
  • Oxalol - Lore might say that dragons were the parents of the dragon slayers. Kristoff calls it the stuff that comes out of a bull's behind. The dragon disappeared on him one day, left him for dead without any sort of explanation, until he found the real family he loved. So even if Oxalol comes up for a family reunion, Kristoff will tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine.


  • Watching the current state of the Council - Seeing that he killed the previous Councilman, Kristoff is very curious whether the current head of the Council (and of Fiore as a nation) would be deserving of a blade through his throat. He will want to see this through, see the unfolding developments under new management. Secretly though, he wants Argon and the entire Council to prove themselves better leaders than the previous generation.
  • Laying Low, Living Life - To have a chance at a normal life, Kristoff cast off his name and his past, locking in his magic to not raise suspicion, and taking on a cold, unapproachable image. So that last part was counter-intuitive, but it helps give his cafe its unique charm. And he likes it all that way. Anyone who tries breaking that peace will have their bodies lying broken in a ditch.
  • Making the Miss Happy - Of course, the Miss is a very large part of his move to living normally or - Heaven allow it - happily. He does what he can to satisfy her, buy her things she wants, cook her an edible dinner at best, and compliment on her singing - though most times he'll compliment on her beauty more than anything. Ensuring her safety is also part of making her happy, and woe be the foolish one who would dare harm a dragon's damsel.


  • The Past Catching Up - Should his involvement in the assassinations of the previous king and Head Councilman come to light, his life would be turned inside out and dropped into the pits of hell. He has only begun rebuilding his life, and he doesn't want to give it up so soon.
  • Desertion - In the sense that the Miss would walk out of his life and be gone, possibly forever. She is one of the lynchpins that keep him grounded to the world. Without her, he might do things that are both revolutionary and incredibly stupid, and he fears coming to that point.
  • The Council's second betrayal - In truth, Kristoff believes in the new administration running Fiore. He's willing to give them a second chance, because of the strong faith and admiration he had for them before the Refusal War. When the time comes that the country needs the Council and they fail, Kristoff will personally lead a revolt against them. Again, he fears having to come to that.

Occupation: Cafe Owner
Family: If you don't count the water dragon, then none. They all died in the Refusal War. But if the Miss counts, then she's all the family he needs.
Medical Conditions: Kristoff masks it behind a facade of indifference, but he experiences paranoia, sometimes spiking so hard he hears whispers from his past, in a noisy crowd in broad daylight
Pets: None. He's not much of a pet person, even back then.
Hometown: Shirotsume Town. His family used to have an estate in the outer suburbs. Now he lives in the town proper, running his own cafe with the Miss.
Secrets: He's the Valland army's assassin who stuck a blade of water through the former Head Councilman's neck, and through the necks of the royal family. Why water? Because he's also the Water Dragon Slayer.

History (WIP):
Kristoff's earliest memories were of Oxalol, the dragon that took him under his wing inside an underwater cavern. From what he heard from the elderly one, he was the sole survivor of a horrible shipwreck off the coast of Hargeon. His memories of that incident were very hazy, but he could never forget the dark abyss of the depths, the crushing weight of the entire ocean on both his body and spirit, threatening to squeeze the life from his lungs. Kristoff owed his life to the dragon, and he would be forever grateful to the one he considered as father. He was eight years old at the time. Though well-educated for a child his age, Oxalol still drilled him with enough knowledge to survive in the real world and more, from the books he had collected from the archives of the world. Then he taught Kristoff various forms of martial arts native to Fiore, combining the most effective aspects into a unique style that perfectly fits Kristoff's physique. Not only that, he bestowed upon the child the gift of magic, a powerful weapon that can bend the waters to his will.

Oxalol said that one day this magic would kill him, and by Kristoff's own hand. Like the kind-hearted boy that he was, he vehemently denied the dragon's foreboding words, vowing instead to use his gift in order to make a difference in the world, and make his master proud. His childish dreams were silenced by a single foreboding from Oxalol, warning him that other people would take advantage of him should he use too much of the gift in front of too many people. If Kristoff wanted to make a difference, he had to find a way to do it without revealing himself as a dragon slayer.

And for the next eight years, the child grew up with that in mind, steadily building himself up for an adventure of his own around Fiore - with Oxalol's blessing. He never forgot his dream of making a difference. But the dragon's tales and lessons brought him to places from faraway with wonderful sights and colorful histories. There was also something called 'mage guilds' in the outside world, and he was deeply curious about that. In fact he was curious about a hundreds of things. Traveling the world as a wanderer would no doubt satiate that thirst for knowledge. And someday, he'd come back to Oxalol filled with adventurous tales and relics from all over. He'd get giddy thinking about that day, and it'd only fuel his desire to improve himself better and faster.

Then came that day, when he was primed and ready to leave the underwater cavern he had grown to call a home. He looked for Oxalol - who was probably taking care of his precious hoard of pearls - so that he could say see you later, I'll be back again someday. The eerie silence should have been his first and only clue, but still he kept looking. Hours passed; he knew the sun had dipped below the horizon based on the grandfather clock Oxalol kept, and still he kept looking. When the glowing fish came out floating in the cavernous darkness of his cold home, Kristoff still kept looking. And when the clock struck nine o' clock in the morning, he swept through the entire caverns once more. Once done, he lied down next to his packed bags, letting fatigue drag him into a dreamless sleep. Before he faded, he realized with certainty that Oxalol was gone. The one who saved his life, who taught him so many things, and who loved him like a son, had disappeared without a trace; not even a single note to tell him where he went, or when he'd be back.

A few hours later, Kristoff woke up. In that short span of time something changed inside him. Disbelief turned into denial. Denial turned into anger. And that anger filled into the pit of resentment, fueled further by the memories he had of the dragon and the plans he had for his adventures. For a while he considered looking for Oxalol when he came up to the outside world. Then he remembered that if that old one didn't want to be found, then he'd stay hidden even until the end of Kristoff's days. That realization made him resent Oxalol more, but it conflicted with the love he had for the one who saved his life and cared for him like a son. In the end, he decided to come out into the world anyway. It was what Oxalol would've wanted for him. No, scratch that - it was what he wanted for himself.

With all his things packed up nicely in a large backpack, he navigated the outer caverns that led to the surface. It was a three-day journey, with plenty of opportunities to apply everything he had learned. He had to cope with the freezing temperatures and abyssal darkness of the caves. Creatures lurking in the dark came at him with a thirst for blood. He fended them all off with his combat form combined with the dragon slayer magic, which proved to be quite powerful despite using it in deadly situations for the first time. Eventually he arrived at tunnel with a bright light shining at the end. It was so blinding that Kristoff had to shield his sensitive eyes. Strange smells and sounds filled his senses with fear and delight, mingling into a powerful drive to fulfill his curiosity. With a start, he dashed towards the light, tears dripping down his eyes from the pain of looking at it.

With a shout he burst out into the sun-blessed morning, with trees swaying in the wind and birds singing their mornsong. Flowers of every color bloomed in the field before him, their fragrance filling the air before him. Tiny critters with cute eyes and whiskers scampered away into the bushes, peering at him with black, beady eyes. The sun felt hot against his pale skin, almost burning in its intensity. And yet he absolutely loved the feeling of it. He took his first lungful of fresh, clean, sea-free air, letting out a triumphant smile. Fatigue then knocked all power from his knees, the wounds from previous fights finally catching up to him. Sighing, he fell into the most comfortable sleep he had in days, not knowing that his life would soon take a turn for the interesting.

He woke up, two days later, on a white bed, with a woman looking after him on the side. She was worried for him, and he later discovered that she tended to his wounds all this time. Though she admitted that she was curious about him, because he was found at the mouth of the cave everyone avoided, and because he had pale skin like a pearl. He was also curious about the girl, because that was the first time in years since he’d seen another person. They talked and talked and shared until he recovered, and before he knew it he had fallen for the woman and the land which they lived on.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: On the side of his neck

Magic: Water Dragon Slayer Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Kristoff wields the mighty magic known to be the only weapon against dragons. He inherited his powers from Oxalol, the Water Dragon. He combines the destructive force of water with his own style of combat, resulting in flowing motions punctuated by high-pressure strikes and cuts, and highlighted in later ranks by torrents of pressurized water, water clones and giant waves. He can also turn his water into vapor instantaneously, which can be used for misdirection. Lastly, he can eat opposing spells of the same element to regain his own power.
Strengths: Kristoff has modified this magic to allow for versatile close to mid-range combat focusing on impact and slashes, with moves that flow into each other like water, in addition to the regular dragon slayer spells. He mixes misdirection in this using fog and steam and water vapor, which makes him a rather unpredictable opponent. This magic gives him great protection against water magic, and he can absorb water spells to bolster his own power. Given its elemental nature, Kristoff's magic can douse fire and wash away earth. Lastly, being a dragon slayer gives him enhanced senses and a resilience against tricks of the mind and eye.
Weaknesses: He has very limited options when it comes to ranged combat, which makes him susceptible to enemies at a distance. The magic doesn't offer much in the way of defense, so Kristoff has to solely rely on his physical capabilities to evade, or block the attack. He might be strong against fire, but if the flames are hot enough they can boil his water away. Ice simply freezes his attacks, rendering them useless. Lastly, being a dragon slayer he has a severe case of motion sickness. Put him in any moving vehicle and he will be very uncomfortable.

RP Sample:
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Face Claim: Han Chun Woo (The Breaker)

Desired starting level: 3


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