Kaito Narukami

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Kaito Narukami

Post by Comet-kun on Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:08 am

Kaito Narukami

Power **  
Agility *****      
Toughness **  
Intelligence ****  
Willpower **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Kaito 'Kite' Narukami
Alias(es): Comet-kun
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: March 20th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5 ft 3 in
Weight: 126 lb
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Clear Blue

General Appearance: He isn’t the tallest person you’d meet, actually compared to most men he is very short and isn’t capable of really growing anymore and shall stay at his current height for the rest of his life. He has pale skin though not so pale it could be considered albino-esque. His form seems quite a bit lanky from what is usually known, though he has more of a stocky build really and has small but profound muscles on his body that are noticeable. He also wears a pompadour hair-style, and has blonde hair.

He usually wears a leather jacket that was his father’s jacket that he’d gotten from his mother which has long white straps along the arms. He also wears leather slacks as well and prefers to keep himself in check and is usually very clean not because he wishes to look good for him but because baths soothe his spirit. He wears normal black boots made for many terrain uses and are “durable”. If traveling he usually carries a small travel sack on his person.

Personality: A man that usually keeps to him, Kaito is the staple "quiet" guy, someone who listens and tries to understand the things around him before speaking or getting involved in situation. He likes to speak with "actions" more than "words" as he has seen what words can do which amounts to nothing. He takes seriously his use of an inadequate fighting style in battle and is someone who learned from his father that his own path is the path set by his fists and his "worth" not being bothered by insults as he finds them worthless as words can't hurt you (unless it's a magic style). He is overall exceptionally serious, as a character though he does have a sense of humor. He can be quite shrewd due to his quiet nature.

Despite his height and size, he doesn't care for being smaller than most people and feels that again actions speak louder than a person’s appearance, meaning he doesn't judge someone by such things. He is loyal to his friends and colleagues to a certain degree, and isn't one to give up on trusting their worth unless he sees what they do with his own eyes and is even aloof towards his friends. He can be hard to get along with and doesn't trust to those he doesn't know, and rarely talks to them unless he has something important he needs to say. He is also an honorable combatant, and will never fight with "tricks" despite his handicaps even if this possibly placing his life in danger or killing him as he wishes to showcase his strength with his fists only.

Despite being such a person, he is often a lone wolf and likes to do things on his own usually because he feels that he should do things by his own hand, he will do teamwork if it is an absolute necessity, though and is not above compromising. He does not like people touching his hair, anyone that isn't his friend or closest companion usually gets a fist to face as a result of this, unless he can cause an incident because of his actions. He can also be a large hypocrite in certain situations, and is quick to point out others flaws if he sees something wrong. He can also over think situations, and make up complicated conditions towards simple concepts.

He can be exceptionally cruel to friends and foes alike and doesn't hold back against anyone; the person safest from this is his mother who he always respects even if they disagree on something severe. He takes battles seriously and fights not with holding back in mind but with actual domination of opponents and is very focused while fighting relying on his technical prowess and skills to defeat even weak opponents. He will fight any and every enemy of himself (even allies of the same guild) with the intent to kill.

He has a highly dry sense of humor, and takes most of what he says seriously if he even says anything at all. He leaves all the work of action through his fists and doesn't call his attacks only thinking them in battle. Because of his lack of humor he can be very awkward to be around and it kneads a bad presence in the wake of his allies. He also rarely smiles, and takes most things seriously.

He is highly perceptive; trying to understand what makes an opponent tick before rushing recklessly into battle. He is quite calm, even against opponents who are stronger than he is, and is able to think through things while fighting without being deterred. Battles and even spars are taken very seriously, in which he usually has a stern and serious look on his face watching his opponents every move.

Challenging Puzzles
Most People in General
Talkative Natures
Talent vs. Hard Work
Motivations: Proving pugilism (boxing) as a strong martial art with or without magic, testing the limits of his abilities in order to grow stronger, finding his fathers killer is top priority.

Fears: His legs and arms being cut-off. Helplessness in the face of adversity, something he can’t solve on his own and isn’t capable of doing.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Tetsuo - Father, Maruchio - Mother
Medical Conditions: Stockiness; He is very short for his age.
Pets: N/A
Hometown: Oak Town
Secrets: N/A

As a young boy, Kaito had began training in boxing due to his father (Tetsuo) wishing to teach him how to fight at a young age in order to discipline him.  Through the grueling training he'd learned to become more reliant on his own skills at a young age and was taught by his mother (Maruchio) to also discipline his mind to, making him diligent in his studies. His father was a part of the Lamia Scale guild and had to go away from periods at a time and would come back from time to time to visit him and his mother. As a result Kaito was usually to himself about things, as he disliked his father leaving so much. He also didn't have many friends and didn't really care for women either (he is heterosexual, though).

Usually his mother would tell Kaito about the adventures and the times his father had while traveling with great enthusiasm showcasing her love for him and Kaito had developed a respect for his father. She told him that one of the things his father wished for was to make boxing a style that could stand up to other martial arts due to it being under-classed against things like magic abilities, and it made an imprint on Kaito to try to help his father do the same. Disaster would strike for them, as they found out the horrible conclusion of Tetsuo's life.

During one mission within Lamia Scale his father died trying to save a group of people from a powerful beast, or so the story went until it was found out that it was something worse and his arms and legs were cut-off. Kaito had sworn revenge after finding out from his mother in eavesdropping though he never told her and continued in his training making it more grueling for himself. His anger made him even more aloof and quiet and as the years went by he slowly grew into a stronger fighter even though his size had never grown from being fifteen.

His mother tried to tell him about his father after he'd decided to go into the same guild he had entered until he told her that he knew. Because of this he decided that he would gain revenge for the death of his father using the same skills his father used as it was the only thing he knew. After making this known, he'd officially joined with the Lamia Scale guild. He didn't try to get to know anyone nor did he decide to be warm towards anyone in particular. He was there for his own reasons and his own goals and that's how he wished to keep it.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: The upper part of his back.

Magic: Kentō Mahō [Magic of the Fist]
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: A close-combat magic that focuses on "pugilism" or boxing technique. This combat skill infuses magical energy into said techniques in order to fight various opponents with technical prowess. It is also reliant on physical footwork which allows one to move, and "dance" around the field as well as head movements, swaying, and the "dash" ability. It is considered a "weak" martial art compared to others, thanks to only relying on the fists and not the entire body, but the main user (Kaito) wishes to prove this wrong.

Strategy, decision-making, timing, and skill are very important in this magical combat style. Magical energy is used efficiently and effectively in combat, in order to allow for a wide assortment of skills and techniques to be used. One can empower punches by releasing magical power at the specific point of combat making the punch much stronger than normal, or infusing magical energy into the legs to move them at even higher speeds, and much more. There are many types of "pugilists", though some can specialize in "hybrid" styles.

The main user, fights with a "counter" approach, which uses his opponents own "flawed movements" against them.
Strengths: Being a close combat style, the users are naturally capable experts at hand-to-hand combat. The style employs impressive footwork, incredible hand-speeds, and technical expertise to win against opponents and due to being "cultivated" into a close combat style, it has "no rules" and weapons can be used to make it stronger such as "knuckle-types" or even using materials to stick between the fingers (like sharp glass and such). Magical power is infused with attacks to make them more powerful, and can also be infused with footwork to make it more effective.
Weaknesses: Hand to hand martial arts relies on fighting at up-close and personal ranges, thus the user would reasonably in more trouble than your normal mages against flying or ranged foes. Opponent’s armed with durable substances are harder to beat than opponents without. Their fists are more effective than their feet in terms of quickness and power and usually only the fists are used in battle leaving the users one-trick opponents against more versatile foes.

RP Sample:
"You say you understand, yet you don't..." His legs shuffled against the ground, his eyes piercing through the distance that was his adversary taking his "strong spirit" forward with nothing more than those fists he used so much. "You consider yourself superior just because of the strength of your magic, when that's not the point of it at all." His body, as if lightning, a flash as his left fist went against his face slicing through the void, stunned by the strike as he started to walk backwards.

"What is this..." The enemy replied as the young man didn't allow him time to catch his breath, as with a flick of his wrist and a rotation in his right step, he'd smacked his fist right into his stomach, as it was narrowly dodged. He'd weaved from the strike, and with his fast reflexes, momentum from his arm took its turn striking straight into his face, as said man gritted his teeth sliding backwards. His eyes stayed clear, he had to calm himself as he needed to focus on this one "bug" of man. The man named "Kaito".

"What is this strength you gained, we've been battling at our highest spirits yet, you have so much energy left?!" Kaito's body stayed moving keeping a pace and rhythm all his own, as his eyes were sharp and readied as if in a match to the death. "How can you still have so much energy, so much speed, so m-" Stopped within the same instance of his voice screaming, as the peak, of the conversation had led to an uppercut towards his chin, Kaito's right fist soared through the heavens.

"You wasted your time, and your power... your strength though great is ineffective against one who conserves their movements." It was a "strong voice" despite such a puny exterior. The seriousness of his words and how he conveyed his worth despite his inability to grow taller had showcased why he was so feared in combat, especially considering the inferiority of his magical expertise. But despite this, the effectiveness of his skills were nothing to snuff at, the tireless work placed into practicing, and performing. He was someone that could be considered a "true contender" in that sense.

His body pressing inwardly, his legs springing forward as he moved towards him with a blistering dash, his left fist clenched as it fired once more, and like a Gatling gun, an incredible assortment of blows laid against his opponents chest and stomach as he would press forward, turning his right fist and readying it for its last blow towards his chest, a circular rotation as said attack smashed into it with a "heavy" power, the energy from the magical conversion into his fist empowering it. He would read backwards, that enemy which had "such power", it had been proven though.

"That you are nothing more than a berserker; strong though you are, your strength is nothing more than a wild abandon that shall never be 'true strength'." It was all he could really say, that true strength within "power" wasn't truly anything more than a needless power. Power sharpened through skill and creativity was true power, and that power could be evolved by sharpening the sense of ability and aptitude of depth. This man, he wasn't anything more than someone who lived for the destruction aspect of his power. Though strong, the anticipation, and lack of technical expertise made this battle easier than it should of been. Kaito was actually quite saddened in his head.

Standing over him, his bright blue hues gliding over the form laying helplessly over the ground. He said nothing, nor did he try to help him. This was a fight after all, and with what he'd done, he beat him with such power that the "inch of his life" prospect wasn't too far away. He snuffed from his nose, beginning to walk away from the battle. On to the next round of combat, he walked with his senses "peaked" and his edge "sharpened". What would become of him, through the perilous advancement?

Face Claim: Ted - Konjiki no Gash!

Desired starting level: 1

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