Miana Sabre(WIP)

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Miana Sabre(WIP)

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Miana Sabre

Power - *
Agility - ****
Toughness - **
Intelligence - *****
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Miana Sabre
Alias(es): Mia, Ana, Saber, Fox Girl
Gender: Female
Race: Fox Spirit
Age: 412
Birthday: June 13th
Sexuality: Bisexual

Fox Spirit - These spirits aren't like the Celestial spirit mage's keys, nor ghosts really. There are many different types as well, with many different types of magic and personalities like there are for humans. When very weak magically, or critically injured they revert to their pure fox forms otherwise they are in humanoid forms. Their power, agility, everything doesn't change and for the most part they are like every other being.. Only with ears and tails, the strongest having nine tails. They also age slowly, spanning thousands of years though they grow up quickly. The first two hundred is considered childhood, the next two hundred years are considered teenager. Anytime after they turn 400 they have to earned the right to be considered an adult. Oddly enough they only show age older then adult characteristics, like grey hairs, when well over a few thousand years old if they grow to be that old.

The more powerful they get, the more tails they sport up to a maximum of 9 tails. For every rank(d to s) they gain a tail, along with for every 5 spells they gain a tail for that maximum. Fox Spirits are not to be confused with others of similar looks or means, but are used to it sometimes considering how wide the world is.

Height: 5 foot
Weight: 113 pounds
Hair: A soft violet to almost blue violet
Eyes: Liquid Amethyst

General Appearance: Miana stands at only five feet in height causing her to look up at those around her more often then not. Even with other fox spirits she is on the short side of things, which makes getting things off high places rather difficult to do. Her petite frame, slender and gentle, makes her appear almost doll like or kid like sometimes. Delicate yet slender limbs along with elegant hands and feet, either childlike or so much like a proper noble lady one might look twice. However anything childlike is mostly thrown out the window by her feminine curves which are medium to almost large compared to the rest of her body. Soft and small, almost like a maiden always hidden away to never do a single thing in life for her own. Fragile, could appear to break if even touched at times.

A face like a young maiden who just barely came of age, maybe not even yet in her twenties it might seem. Large round eyes of liquid amethyst that changed and swirl from a light grey to a dark violet mixture. Of course long lashes as befit a young maiden who is almost to adulthood.

Describe what your character normally looks like. Include their hairstyle, how fat or thin they are, how buff they are, what they wear, the colors they prefer, etc. Try for at least 100 words.

Personality: Who is your character as a person? Describe them! At least 200 words.
Simple Things:
Fox Hunters:

Occupation: Healer
Family: Mother Fox Nieri, Father Fox Dorin, too many siblings to count
Medical Conditions: Anemia - She can't do much if she doesn't eat often, since keeping up her humanoid form does take a little bit of energy.
Pets: None
Hometown: Kokachi Village, hidden away somewhere in the world.
Secrets: Is there anything your character doesn't want people to know? List them here! A good roleplayer won't act on this knowledge unless it happens to come up in-character.

What was your character's life like before play began? Describe it in as much detail as you can manage. We'd like at least 400 words for this, since it's so important

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Right above her heart, in a violet color.

Magic: Fox Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster

Description: Some people think that fox magic is of the element of fire, because of fox fire. However it is actually made up of pure spirit magic from the will, intelligence, and emotion of the caster. Slowly manifesting itself into different things that the wielder wishes to do. Be it specialized in healing, offensive, defensive, or be an overall type. It takes on the color of the eye or hair color of the user, causing some rather interesting combinations if the two are different. Sometimes it appears as flames or an aura around the caster as well, making each person's different fox magic a slight unique aesthetic touch.

Strengths: Fox magic is rather versatile, since it could go into many different forms of magic. Be it healing, offensive, defensive, or helping allies at times. Usually though whatever the caster specializes in is more powerful then the other forms. Sometimes though this isn't the case as with fox spirit's long life they could train even in their weakest area of expertise over long periods of time. Strongest against natural magics, slightly against the elements or plants and such, or against anything with a weak will or small intelligence unable to put up much defense against it.

Weaknesses: Just as there are strengths there are weaknesses, and fox magic is no exception. Since it is made up of the mind and given shape by that, against physical power or outright strength it is almost useless. Shields can be shattered more easily by physical attacks then other types. And to specialize in different areas takes a bit to master as well, rather then those who just study offensive or one type. If the wearer is exhausted mentally or magically as well, it weakens a bit unable to channel the inner strength of the caster. Weakest against non natural magics, like logical or science type based pretty much anything man made or physical. So even someone strong in an elemental or nature magic, getting one good punch in can break any spell.

RP Sample:
How do you normally roleplay? Give us an example! At least 200 words are needed here. If you already have a character on the site, you may reuse your sample.

Face Claim: Susukihotaru from Otome Youkai Zakuro

Desired starting level: 2


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