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Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:24 am

Request name: Corrupted Blood
Request rank: B
Guild: Guildless
Client name: Roger Ghoulsby
Objective: Stop the cult of blood mages that have set up camp on the “haunted” Island, and rescue the citizens who have been captured by them.
Location: Galuna Island
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: While there is no job board, there is a member on the mainland of Fiore who is searching for heroes to come and rescue their simple village of non-wizards from the blood mages who have taken up residence on their island.  
Request details:
Encounter Roger Ghoulsby somewhere in Fiore and agree to take a boat to Galuna Island to help (May be done as a flashback)

Search the island for the cultist’s possible hideout, which turns out to be a ruined temple built long ago.

Confront the blood mages

Fight the awakened demon, Ghalabrazu, a powerful minor demon their blood magic has summoned

Rescue the villagers and bring them safely back to Galuna Village

Roger Ghoulsby:

Name: Roger Ghoulsby
Age: 35
General Appearance: Dark skin, brown eyes, muscular but harrowed and tired.
Personality: Desperate, kind
Motivations: Rescue friends and family
Fears: losing friends and family forever
Spells/Abilities: None
Other: Encountered somewhere on mainland Fiore

Blood Mages:

Name: Blood Mages
Age: Various
General Appearance: clad in dark robes, various
Personality: violent, crazy, subservient to Ghalabrazu
Motivations: Slate the hunger and grow the power of the demon, Ghalabrazu
Fears: None – they’re crazy. Unless you count their new demon master.
Spells/Abilities: Various D and C rank spells of varying elements, usually powered up with blood magic.
Other: There are ten blood mages, and their D and C rank spells are powered by blood magic, allowing them to use their life force for magic as well as their mana. They are powerful, but rather frail because of this.



Name: Ghalabrazu
Age: Ancient
General Appearance: Dark blue skin, onyx horns, smells of brimstone and covered in scales. Monstrous.
Personality: Extremely violent, intelligent, wants more worshippers. And food in the form of humans.
Motivations: Feed, gain power.
Fears: None. He is incredibly arrogant.
Spells/Abilities: Spells of up to rank A (level 8), fire theme (pierces a dragon slayer’s resistance)
Other: Fights to the death, should prove impossible for a single person to fight alone, and very hard for anyone below B rank.

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