Art of Deception [LB]

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Art of Deception [LB]

Post by Heart of Darkness on Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:23 am


Art of Deception is a no word count, mature site with a RPG rating of 3-3-3 and a friendly community. On Art of Deception, members have the choice of playing a vampire of four different, unique bloodlines, a lycan, or a human. With no limit on characters, you can play one (or more) of each!

Art of Deception is an active community with new posts daily. We consider ourself intermediate to advanced but welcome beginners with open arms! If you're interested in Art of Deception, click the image or a link above to see our site in more detail. We have multiple guest friendly areas for any questions or queries you may have and an open cbox for anyone to chat in!

Art of Deception welcomes you.

Heart of Darkness

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