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Toma Hawke

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Toma Hawke

[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - ***
Agility - ****
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - **
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Toma Hawke
Alias(es): None
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday:June 19th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Sky Blue

General Appearance: Toma can easily be described as scrawny. He’s rather short, especially compared to men around his age. His body is rather lean and athletic, but there’s no bulging muscles. His shoulders don’t seem as broad, adding to his smaller appearance. He has no scars, tatoos, or other forms of bodily changes present.

His face makes him look younger than he is, naturally not having facial hair to deal with. He keeps his blode hair just above shoulder length and straight. One of the more defining features is his bright, almost white, sky blue eyes. They’re often considered piercing or cold by many who don’t know him.

His usual form of clothes could be considered strange by some, but Toma finds it works for his needs. Tight black pants cover his legs, but don’t hinder mobility. Over the top is a skintight black long sleeved shirt that comes down just over the waistline of his pants. Over that he wears an open white shirt that clasps shut, leaving the upper chest exposed. Over that is a blue jacket with detachable long tails coming off the shoulders.

When he’s not wearing that, he’s wearing more normal clothing. He has a preference to blues and blacks that fully cover arms and legs, and will often still wear a tanktop or the black skin tight clothes under it anyway.

Personality:Toma, at his best, is a kind and caring individual. But seldom are people at their best. Toma, having been neglected as a child, needs to be acknowledged in some fashion to feel like he’s alive. When he’s acknowledged, he can be easygoing, helpful, happy go lucky, and seemingly carefree. He can often be seen acting like a normal man his age when he’s been acknowledged in some fashion.

When he’s not, he can be rather clingy. He’ll try harder to gain one’s attention going out of his way to do something they like for this reason. He’s more driven like this, and somewhat depressive or brooding in moods. While it won’t be bad at first, the longer he goes without that emotional need filled, the worse he gets.

He can be very protective of those who do fill this need. He won’t question if he’s asked or told to do something by someone who’s acknowledged him. If he finds ot he’s just being used however, things can end rather badly for everyone involved.

He is an emotionally intense person, often relying on his feelings more than common sense. He does understand he’s like this, and struggles to maintain some form of composure so he can think straight. But this only goes so far, and at some point, those feelings have to be let loose, for better or for worse.

His temper is something that’s especially tough for him to deal with. And while he hates violence, his temper might bring him to swing first and talk later sometimes unless someone’s there to stop him. Often times, a little time alone, or with someone who knows how to take care of him will settle that simmering rage.

His intense emotions aren’t limited to just negative emotions however. When he’s in a good mood, he can be just as intense too. Sometimes, he can come off as being hyper when he’s just enjoying himself. Despite this, he likes cloudy and rainy weather as long as it’s not cold.

Toma is hard on himself, and like other aspects of his life, he’s rather intense about it. If he feels a mistake was really bad, there’s not much you can do to talk him out of it. To make this aspect worse, he’s a man who learns best from getting in and experiencing something, “feeling” it for himself. This goes for his training, or anything in life really.

Strength is a thing Toma aspires to have. Having been wanting to be useful to those he cared about, he seeks to be strong. He doesn’t like fighting, but felt it was the best way he could be useful to people and to be acknowledged. He doesn’t feel strong yet, despite being fairly skilled with a blade, and so he pushes himself constantly.

Toma is, secretly, jealous of anyone who can use magic. He will admit anyone who can use magic will probably beat him as he is, even if he is blatantly a better fighter, or makes better tactical decisions than them in a fight. This stems from his lack of magical talent that his best friend had growing up.


Acknowledgement: Toma wants to feel needed. Or rather, needs to feel needed. People who make him feel like he’s needed, even if they don’t blatantly say it are good in his book.

Sweet Foods: Toma has a soft spot for sweet foods. It reminds him of better days when his friends would visit him while his parents were away on business. Chocolate is the prefered sweet of choice since he likes how it makes him feel when he gets a chocolate high.

Affection: Because Toma was neglected, he was never held or hugged. He was, in a sense, starved of that particular emotional fulfillment as a child. He will rarely admit it, and never unless he’s alone with someone, but he does like when people are affectionate with him, and it could be said that it would be easy to manipulate him this way. He’s especially fond of shoulder rubs.


Cooking: Toma hates cooking with a passion. Mostly because he’s not that great at it. He’s not burning water bad, but meals he makes may be somewhat difficult to enjoy.

Being used: Toma knows he relies too heavily on his emotions. And he knows it leaves him open to being manipulated. Attempts to change have not ended well however. And if his emotions are being used against him, or someone just uses him in general he will be angry. His strength and his life are his own, not someone else’s toys to play with.

Giving up: Toma hates the idea of giving up. And if he doesn’t give up then why should anyone else? That being said sometimes Toma’s emotions drive him to give up, and he’s especially hard on himself about this. Even if he says he gives up on something he usually comes back to it eventually given a little time.


Strength: Toma wishes to be strong. He blames himself for what happened to Astra as much as he blames those that attacked her and her master. If he was stronger, he could have protected or saved her. That’s how he feels at any rate, and so he seeks to become stronger when he can.

Finding Astra: Asttra was his childhood friend, and like a sister to him. Of all the people he knew, she was the one person to acknowledged him like family. Now that she’s missing, he refuses to believe she died like her master, and so he’s scouring Fiore for signs of her.

Affection: Now that Toma’s left home, and his parents don’t come at all, and with Astra being MIA, Toma’s left with no one to acknowledge him. Or show him any kind of affection. This has left Toma in a sort of looping limbo of helplessness and need. So, while it’s not actively on his mind, he is searching for people to fill that void.


Arachnophobia: Toma is deathly afraid of spiders. Meeting one earns a violent reaction from Toma if it takes him by surprise. And giant spiders? You won’t find Toma anywhere nearby if he can help it.

Uselessness: Toma hates the idea of being useless. If he’s useless, he won’t be wanted. Which is a direct contradiction to his obsessive need to be needed. Useless in any form, whether he’s not able to help, or he’s physically unable to move for some reason, are a huge fear for him.

Occupation: None Currently.
Family: Alfini Hawke (Mother), Terrence Hawke (father), Leo (younger brother, deceased)
Medical Conditions: Partial Congenital Analgesia: Toma was born unable to fully feel physical pain. For him, it’s a dulled sensation, and thus is more likely to hurt himself. This also has a side effect of making him tolerate more in a fight, but just because he can’t feel the damage doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Pets: None
Hometown: Hosenka
Secrets: While it’s not really a secret, Toma doesn’t like talking about how his parents neglected him as a child, and simply weren’t there in his life.

Toma’s story starts at his birth, born to two well doing merchants that called Hosenka their home. It didn’t take long for his medical condition to become apparent, but they were able to keep him from seriously hurting himself for the first few years of his life.

Once he was 5, his father started taking business trips. They were sporadic and short at first, but then began quickly began increasing in frequency and length. During that time his mother also became scarce running the business they had going. He also had a three year old little brother at this point.

He was 8 now, and his father was gone for weeks at a time. His mother would leave him and Leo with a friend overnight occasionally. This is how he met Astra for the first time. The two became fast friends, despite being little kids.

Within a few months, Leo fell ill, and had to stay home. He never really got better, even past Toma’s 10th birthday. As the years went by, those who knew what to look for were noticing rather quickly the signs of neglect. However, he wasn’t their child, so they never stepped in to help him.

When Toma turned 11 his only bastion of sanity at home when his parents were gone died. Leo died, leaving Toma completely alone at home. For a short time, many adults were worried that this was something Toma would be unable to recover from, and tried to keep the other kids from him. But, Astra helped Toma recover from the loss and it seemed like he was going to be better for it.

When he turned 15, it was apparent that Astra had a talent for magic that he lacked. The attention she got, both good and bad, left him rather jealous. But she’d been there for him, so he did what he could to encourage and help her. But, he’d heard stories about what bad people did with magic, so he began teaching himself how to fight so he could protect Astra.

When he was 18, the two got into a fight. She spent precious little time with him, unlike before, since she was so focused on her training. He despised her teacher, who said others would distract and hinder her. Not because he felt she was wrong, but because she was making it difficult for Toma to be with the one person he felt cared he existed in the first place. She loved her teacher because she was being taught magic by the only other person who agreed it was a good thing.

It ended in Astra promising to never forget Toma, and in return, he apologised for his ill will towards her master. The two got along despite there only being rare occasions they hung out, and Toma was gripped with a loneliness that ate at him.

Shortly after his 20th birthday, he went out to find Astra to drag her to his house for dinner. When he got to her usual training spot however, he found her master dead, and Astra gone. It looked like a big fight took place, and Toma panicked. He went back home taking only the money left for him and his sword, along with a spare change of clothes, to go look for Astra.

It’s been two months since then, and he’s still searching...

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Shadow Heart
Guild Tattoo: Top of Toma’s left forearm, just above the wrist.

Magic: Toma doesn’t currently have a magic, and will be starting with a mundane sword.
Caster or Holder: N/A
Description: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A

RP Sample:
If only the clock would spin backwards. That’s how one particular man felt as he wandered down the streets of Magnolia. The crowds were so thick for some random festival he didn’t care about it was stifling. It didn’t help that they were happy and smiling and not caring he existed. Not that it would matter if they cared he told himself. Even though it would matter if they did. He didn’t want to get side tracked.

Astra was still out there, she was still alive and was probably hurt. Or a prisoner. Or… Or… No. He had to stop and calm down. If he gave way to panic now, he’d start running around cutting down everyone who didn’t give him the answer he wanted. His train of thought was interrupted when he bumped into someone.

“Sorry….” He murmured quietly as he stumbled backwards. He maintained his balance thankfully. It would be embarrassing if he fell after wandering into someone. Though how he didn’t do so before was a mystery to even him.

To his disappointment outside a nod that let him know his sorry had been heard,he was ignored. A depressed sigh escaped his lips as he tried hold back the sudden surge of frustration. Was it that difficult to say something to him? Stay a minute and talk?! He supposed it was. And probably what he deserved too. Turning, he continued his search.

Username: Maxus

Face Claim: Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue

Desired starting level: 2
Toma Hawke
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I wish to approve this for the sake of soul music!

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