Glacial Renard

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Glacial Renard

Post by Ren Caverly on Fri May 16, 2014 2:02 am

Cost: 10,0000 Jewels

Glacial Renard

Description: A small fox, standing about a foot and a half in length, and ten inches tall on all fours. The fox’s fur is wisp like and a smoky white which almost looks like it would fade when touched, but is instead very soft and resilient. The eyes are a sort of red oak color.
Rank: 2
MP Cost: 15/Post
MP: 105

Power - ****
Agility - ****
Toughness - *
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - ***

Ice Shards:

Spell name: Ice Shards
Element: Ice
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 MP
Effect: The air around GR cools and ice crystals form near it. These crystals turn into shards of ice which then fly at high speeds toward the intended target. Contact can cut through fabric and flesh, merely make heavy impact, or else puncture, depending on how direct the hit is with the ice.

Power: ***
Speed: *
Area: 0
Extra: Frost(free), Ranged

Ice Slip:

Spell name: Ice Slip
Element: Ice
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: The air around GR cools even more and the places under its feet coat in ice. The ice then quickly spreads out in the intended direction. The slick ice quickly knocks opponents off their feet and keeps them from standing up while the ice remains. Places can be avoided to avoid knocking allies to the ground, if the GR plans this.

Power: 0
Speed: 0
Area: ***
Extra: Frost(free), Impact

Block of Ice:

Spell name: Block of Ice
Element: Ice
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: The GR inhales before exhaling a blast of icy air. Making contact with the target means being frozen in a block of ice. The target is encased in ice for the first post, then two additional posts due to lingering. Only minor cold damage is dealt from being encased in ice, but the real power is the restraint. When the spell fades, instead of melting off, the ice just shatters, dusting those nearby in icy powder.

Power: *
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: Frost(free), Binding, Lingering**

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