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Zahn Skye

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Power - ***
Agility - ***
Toughness - ***
Intelligence - ***
Willpower - ***

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Zahn Skye
Alias(es): The Guildless Skye
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: May 16
Sexuality: Straight

Height: ~ 5' 6"
Weight: ~ 200 lbs
Hair: Black, with red streaks running through
Eyes: Visible eye is redish-brown, the eye under the eye-patch is normally unseen but is a dull blue-gray

General Appearance: Zahn usually travels with a cloak over his normal clothes to hide who he is, as he is guildless. Underneath the cloak, Zahn wears a veritable mish-mash of clothing. The cloak has a hood, but even with the hood up most passersby can tell that one of his eyes is covered by a black, leather eye-patch with a white cloud decal on it. His other, visible eye is a striking red-ish brown color. His long black hair has several red streaks running through it, but is tied back and usually hidden. A length of red hair hangs from the left side of his face. An asymmetrical white jacket covers his long-sleeved black undershirt. One shoulder is protected by a silver pauldron while the other sports a white capelette. Hanging around his neck is a black, metallic pendant that he has issues with people touching. His brown, baggy pants are held up by a small, black leather belt. Hanging the waist of his belt are twin cloth straps that form an x over the front of his pants. A larger brown belt hangs from the side of his hips and holds up the sheaths for the two daggers he carries with him. Over the left side of his hip a piece of cloth hangs and obscures the upper area of his leg. A single strap and pouch are wrapped around the lower thigh-area of his right leg and contain various trinkets he likes to fiddle with from time to time. The black boots he wears complete his outfit.

Personality: Zahn is a fairy jaded individual, though intense and non-nonsense suit him better as descriptors. He's been witness to the action the reformed Magic Council took against those who refused to join Guilds and believes nothing in the world could be worse than living the way someone else tells you to. Slow to anger, Zahn gives off the impression of a cool, aloof sort of person. However, this is merely a mask Zahn wears to get along with others. He is fairly resistant to trusting others and tends to value his time alone. He tends to travel and even interact wordlessly, as talking to people exhausts and often irritates him. However, this changes in combat where Zahn proves himself to be more than capable of philosophy and abstract thought. In fact, sometimes it is harder to get him to shut up in combat than talk in a normal every day conversation. He likes learning new things, and has a very curious streak. He often picks up things he shouldn't and likes to fiddle with everything. His gentler nature shines through occasionally, especially when dealing with animals. On the flip side, Zahn often finds himself at the center of trouble and has a hard time saying no to those who ask for his help. In these situations, his sardonic and sometimes even caustic wit come to the forefront as Zahn never does something troublesome without complaining. He enjoys life, he enjoys sleep and he enjoys fighting. Zahn's love of his freedoms gets him into some very interesting situations but working as a mercenary (albeit one with an anti-social streak and a hidden heart of gold) tends to be something he seems fine with as he gets to travel, sleep and fight whenever he wants really.

Likes: Sleeping (wherever and whenever he feels like), Animals (all kinds), His Freedom
Dislikes: Authority, Bullies, Social Gatherings, Being called Guildless as an insult
Motivations: Zahn is driven by his need to live his life the way he wants. He also seems to be searching for companionship but...
Fears: Social Interactions terrify Zahn. He is quite a loner and has trouble dealing with people. Especially girls his age. He thinks they're all crazy. His other big fear is seeing people close to him get hurt, but if that ever happens he responds with anger to mask it. Plus, he tends to travel alone to try and avoid that.

Occupation: Mercenary Mage
Family: No. He used to but he's broken contact with his folks and his sister a long time ago.
Medical Conditions: None to speak of, though Zahn tends to sleep a lot more than normal people.
Pets: Zahn had a dog growing up, but it died on him. Now, he travels with a cardinal who occasionally flies off for long periods of time before mysteriously returning.
Hometown: Era
Secrets: Zahn greatly regrets and was angered by the fact his younger sister not only took over the family but disowned him after doing so, claiming he hadn't supported the family enough. He stubbornly uses his full to introduce himself because of this and reminding him of the fact he is technically no longer part of the Skye family sends him into a rage. Also, his nickname is actually an insult to the fact he can never seem to stay out of trouble but isn't powerful enough to warrant high-level action from Guilds, Dark Guilds or the Magic Council. Pointing this out irritates him and is somewhat suspicious as it means whoever he is talking to knows a lot about his past.

Zahn had a fairly normal childhood. His parents weren't the greatest and he'd always talk about leaving home as soon as he could. He had several older siblings, but only one younger. His sister, named Alura. He managed to get through some magic schooling before he dropped out and left home (on somewhat bad terms with his parents). He became a wanderer and traveled about doing odd jobs for people for a good while. Then the war happened. It was years ago but the horror of the events surrounding the fierce battles still remain fresh in Zahn's memories. All of his older siblings fought in the war and were killed, and his younger sister inherited the family name after disowning Zahn. She claimed that as her brother he had failed to perform his duties to protect their family and that she no longer wanted him to share their name. He left, but took both his first and last name with him and defiantly claims to be a member of the Skye family to this very day.

After the war ended Zahn took up work as a mercenary. He enjoyed the work enough, as it let him travel, sleep whenever and wherever he wanted and allowed him to fight strong people. However, once the Magic Council reorganized themselves to become "protectors of the ways of magic" they started forcing mages to join Guilds or be hunted. Zahn, who valued his freedoms above almost all else, took personal offense to this and went underground. He cut all ties with the people he used to know and while he still uses his full name to introduce himself, he tends to keep to himself out of precaution. He has battled several times with low level Dark Guild members (remnants of Dark Guilds crushed by the Council), low-to-mid level Magic Council members (who he fought to remain Guildless) and Guild Mages of all levels except Masters.

Eventually, he earned a bit of a reputation in his hometown as a troublemaker and outcast. Branded the Guildless Skye by the Magic Council and others, Zahn continues to wander about trying to find a safe haven for him to just be himself. His isn't known for being a powerful mage or great fighter, so he's never had to worry about being a target of attacks but he likes his nickname all the same and uses it whenever possible to try to gather some reputation. Zahn's personal mission in life is just to live as freely as possible and he figures that by having a reputation as someone able to stand on his own he can do just that.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Guildless
Guild Tattoo: Right Half of Face, centered around the eye. Red.

Magic: Jinx Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Jinx Magic is a long-forgotten magic that allows its user to "jinx" the world around them and cause things to malfunction. If someone casts the magic "fireball" the Jinx Magic user can cause the fireball to be smaller or snuff it out before it reaches them or send it off in the wrong direction. Jinx magic does NOT affect anything living, including magic cast on people (like Requip or Takeover) and cannot cause spells, items or objects to simply not work. The one exception to this rule is Healing Magic. However, Jinx Magic can be used to make a situation more favorable. For instance, Zahn could Jinx the ground he's on to launch himself at another person or cause a door to fly off its hinges.

Strengths: Jinx magic is strongest against those who use magic as a force to affect others. A Memory Molder Magician would be unable to properly fight a Jinx mage as the Jinx mage could cause whatever spell the Memory Molder cast to veer off course. Jinx magic also allows a skillful user to use their surroundings as an advantage. A Jinx magic user could cause pillars supporting the area an opponent is hiding in to collapse. Higher levels of Jinx magic allow the wielders to perform insane stunts collapsing roads or summoning eruptions from underground.

Weaknesses: Jinx Magic cannot be used on living beings or on items and spells that affect living beings directly. Natural armor like rockskin or magic like buff/debuff magic is unaffected by Jinx magic. Also, Jinx magic requires a "focus" to cast it. Zahn casts it with his right eye, so his eye must be uncovered and have line of sight on whatever he is Jinxing. If someone's focus is a sword, they must be holding that sword to cast Jinx magic.

RP Sample:

Zahn strolled along in his cloak, mentally saying the word sigh to himself, realizing that he looked incredibly suspicious here in Magnolia. Especially with the hood of his cloak pulled up to cover his head. He knew Magnolia was smaller than Era or Crocus, the two towns he had frequented most of his life, but damn there was really nothing here to stop him from stick out like a sore thumb.

"Maybe I should just take this off and carry it. Though, I suppose my normal attire isn't that much less conspicuous."

Zahn continued to grumble to himself when he heard an explosion and caught a whiff of smoke.

Oh, well, that's just freakin' perfect! An attack on a building. A building right near me! Wonderful. I bet anything the Magic Council is nowhere to be found and no one else is going to come along! Well, better go check out the commo-

Suddenly, he caught wind of a conversation between two people and their mutterings of how Fairy Tail was at it again. He quirked an eyebrow and shook his head in wonder, throwing up his arms in exasperation.

Fairy Tail, huh? Hrm, no wonder the Magic Council is always complaining about them. That sounded like a powerful boom, and must've taken out something. However, from what I hear that's pretty normal for the mages from that guild. They're all absurdly powerful monsters. Even their girls are tough. I've heard of Titania and seen a lacrima recording of her in action. The Demon, Mirajane, is also a member there and she's pretty famous as well and no just because of her looks. Meanwhile, I think at least three Dragon Slayers belong to Fairy Tail and a member of the former Phantom Lord's elite 4. Or at least, that's how it used to be... When I was a kid...

Zahn smiled a little glumly, lost in his thoughts.

"I hope I never have to fight against any of them. I know the Magic Council dislikes their rowdiness, but they are harsher on the Guildless than any of the people who at least try to follow their insane Magic Laws."

Zahn thought of the Seekers and the Paladins. New additions to the Magic Council in their war against the darkness of the wizarding world.

"... and against its freedoms..."

Suddenly, Zahn felt a presence behind him and leaped forward just before a fist came down and smashed the ground he'd been standing on. The fist was ethereal and looked powerful, so it must've taken someone with at least a decent amount of magic power to conjure it. Zahn cast his eye on his attack and to his disgust and irritation found it to be one of the Seekers. Servants to the Magic Council and its heavy-handed justice against those it perceived to be a threat to the wizarding world. Worse than dogs, they hunted down their prey with the single minded determination of zealots.

"And here you are... standing before me. I suppose it was only a matter of time before I was chosen to be the next sacrifice for 'peace and stability', right? That's what you claim the Council brings to this world?"

The Seeker said nothing, but readied for battle. From what Zahn could tell, this Seeker was female and slightly older than he was. Her mask made it impossible to be certain but the lithe form and way she carried herself spoke volumes to him. While the Council wasn't always aggressive the Seeker must've overheard Zahn talking about his Guildless position and the comment he'd made about the oppressiveness of the Council.

"Fine. I've a thing for hurting those who deserve it anyway. Now that you've picked me as your opponent, your luck's run out."

The Seeker attacked, a pulse of magic shook the air around Zahn and threw him back into a wall, causing him to cough up a bit of blood. This girl was powerful, as was to be expected from a Seeker. However, Zahn wasn't a weakling and could carry himself in battle as well. Now was a good a time as any to prove it to the world. Standing up, Zahn lowered his hood and unfastened his eye-patch, letting his heterochromic eyes focus their gaze on the female Seeker.

"You didn't kill me with the first attack. That might cost you your life, Councilor."

The Seeker scoffed at this, confirming she was a woman. And then Zahn smirked and turned around.

"Goodbye, loser. You just made the mistake of your life."

The ground collapsed beneath her and the Seeker fell into the ground, hopefully where she'd be for a good long while. Zahn didn't think a drop into the underbelly of the city would kill a Seeker, but one could hope. The Seeker hadn't been targeting him specifically, that much Zahn now knew for certain. If she had, she would've known about his magic. Jinx Magic. A powerful weapon for someone like Zahn, who was always focused on his next move. The woman had caught him off-guard, to be sure, but her mistake was letting him live to make a move. The Magic Council didn't kill for no reason, at least usually, so Zahn had the advantage when fighting their servants. After all, Zahn would do anything to survive, even in a world as wretched as this one.

Username: Zahn Skye

Face Claim: OC

Desired starting level:2

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Zahn Skye
Zahn Skye
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Looks good, approved for level 2~

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