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Tesstarosa Tamiel

Tesstarosa Tamiel Tumblr_memqlhwSky1ri2kwbo1_1280

   Power - **
   Agility - ***
   Toughness - **
   Intelligence - *****
   Willpower - ***

   [Basic Information]
   Full Name: Tesstarosa Tamiel
   Alias(es): Tessa (she rarely ever uses her full name)
   Gender: Female
   Age: 16
   Birthday:  10/15
   Sexuality: bisexual

   Height: 5'5"
   Weight: 125
   Hair: light red
   Eyes: amber

   General Appearance: Tesstarosa is a girl of about average with long strawberry blonde hair that she normally either wears at length or tied into a ponytail but never as a bun. She is fairly thin and not extremely muscular, but because of her training she doesn't have to be. Despite her thin frame she holds some strength, more than what people would guess and her experience on the island has caused her to develop some agility though she didn't really catch enough food to help her bulk up, only enough to survive. When she was on the island she was left there with only a dress and her underwear and most of her dress was used to write a message in a bottle so she wore only a wrap around her chest, her underwear, and the bottom of the dress for the duration of the time she was there. Now that she is no longer on the island she prefers to wear loose fitting clothing such as kimono's, or just naked or in her underwear. However, if it is cold outside all of that goes out the window and she will bundle up in so many clothes she looks like a marshmallow.

   Personality: Tesstarosa is a calm individual who typically likes to just have fun and roam around. Most of the time she feels like she's looking for something, and although she isn't sure what, she moves with a purpose like she knows what she is doing. As far as interacting with people goes, she is very caring and compassionate, even going so far as to stop someone from killing someone else if she has the chance. Normally she tries to use her magic to protect, but she normally uses her intelligence to fight since the entirety of her magic is based around that. The use of her power revolved around mircowave principals which takes a lot of book smarts to learn. That being said, she is not very street smart and tends to get taken advantage of when it comes to deals when making purchases and being in shops, though not when it comes to men or women or social relationships.

In general her intelligence can sometimes be intimidating for other people and it really only applies to book smarts. She had no head for strategy and tends to be fairly dense when it comes to coming up with a quick way out of combat. In addition she's pretty blunt at times which can sometimes cause her to lose friends because she doesn't hold back.

Studying her science books
Meeting interesting mages

The Magic Council
Dark guilds

Finding whatever it is that she seeks even though she has no idea what that is.
Studying interesting magics and becoming a better and more capable mage

Death, or at least dying alone and before she's found what it feels like she's missing.
Seriously hurting someone with her power

   Occupation: Wandering Heroine for hire

   Family: Mother and Father are both Deceased, she has a brother that openly opposes her and has managed to join Shadow Heart as of recently.

   Medical Conditions: Tesstarosa suffers from momentary lapses of depression, especially when she feels like she's close to achieving her life goal but then is disappointed.
   Pets: none yet
   Hometown: Wherever there is adventure

   Secrets: Microwave magic is a family secret that was once passed down from parent to child in the greatest mage family. Unfortunately that family has been decimated and it has come down to only a few who know the secrets of the art.

Tesstarosa Tamiel was originally born to two very loving parents and an older brother in a huge house and a beautiful estate. Unknown to her was the fact that these things were only the remnants of what was once a grand family line, but even that was lost one day when the whole of it burned to the ground with her mother and father inside. Even though she was an infant at the time, and she still had her brother to raise her, she still remembered every room of the house she had ever been carried into, but she couldn't remember what started the fire. She started to piece it together bit by bit from the cruel treatment that her brother put her through and the way he made her learn the ins and outs of micro wave magic as if he was somehow scared of it.

When she was thirteen, as a confused young woman sometimes does, she lost her temper. The resultant actions her brother took were both uncalled for and took his cruelty to a whole new level. She was dumbfounded when he struck her unconscious and took her to a boat. When she awoke she was tied up, wearing her underwear and the dress she had on when she was knocked unconscious.
"What are we doing?" She asked, fearful of the situation she now found herself in.
"You honestly don't remember? All the stupid things you remember from being a baby and you can't remember when you burned down the house and killed our parents?!? I may be forbidden to kill you, but I will not keep you close enough to do the same thing to me. I hope you rot on this island!" Her brother spat as he struck her again, leaving her unconscious once again.

When she awoke she was lying on the island with an extremely frayed rope lying on the ground next to her and all around her was sand and ocean. If it hadn't been for all the survival books that she had read she would have died. Her body was safe on the island though since there were no other people there to try to harm her. Taking in her situation she moved about to try and gather whatever she could about her situation and figure out how she was going to get food. There were coconuts, bananas, fish, and a few bottles of drinking water; the last of which she found to be strange considering the words her brother had said when he dumped her there.

The first thing she did was hollow out a large cauldron using some green wood and a plasma knife she made with her magic, the next thing she did was create a lid for it using the same technique and finally placed a small stick through the top of the lid. Next she made a smaller cauldron that was tall enough to reach above where she wanted the water level to be and began carrying buckets of water to the cauldron where upon she set fire beneath it. This caused the water to boil and become vapor which would then drip down the stick and into the smaller cauldron. It was tedious and from time to time she would have to make new cauldrons (until she figured out how to do it with stone) and managed to keep drinking water for herself. She would also fish and harvest the bananas and coconuts, at least for the first few months. Finally, she got sick of waiting for her brother to come back and she tore her clothes, using her blood to write a message on the cloth.
"Who ever reads this I'm on an island. I don't know where it is, I can't tell where it is, all I can give you is the date and the stars." The message read. In a wooden bottle she sent it out across the ocean with all of her hopes.

Unfortunately for her, the message was never picked up by anyone who could read the star chart and figure out where exactly the island was. A child received the message the message and thought it was cool so he hung it up above his bed because he thought it was cool. However, a passing ship did manage to find her. Masami shinju was the woman who captained the ship. From there, and at the age of 15, she was rescued and taken to Hargeon Town where she bid her fair wells and gave thanks.

From that day she searched for her brother, trying to find out what was really going on. Despite this, he was the one that found her. The fight was intense, but only for a moment. Her brother quickly demonstrated that he outclassed her and as he beat her into the ground and stood looking down at her he smiled.
"Well I guess since you survived the island I should give you a reward. You've been lied to. I killed our parents and burned down our house, I erased your memories, I raised you only because you didn't burn and I wanted to see what gave you that power, but when I was unable to do so I simply cast you aside. Welcome back little sister, now die!" He roared.

She thought her final moments were at hand, she thought that her parents would go unavenged, and that her life was going to be coming to an end. A bright bolt of plasma formed above her brother's head when suddenly an idea flashed through her mind. As the bolt crashed down she forced a small plasma bolt of her own into his attack. The result caused the spell above her to detonate exploding in his face. As her brother screamed and covered the left side of his now burning face she took off, running from Hargeon Town and retreating out to the open road. From that moment forward she sword she would kill her brother, and only her brother.  She now trains to gain the strength to do that very thing.

   [Guild & Magic]

   Guild: Guildless
   Guild Tattoo: Lower back over right buttock

   Magic: Microwave Magic
   Caster or Holder: caster

   Description: Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from 1 millimeter to one meter. It causes fire/heat/radiation damage based on the wavelength. Mastery of this art is highly specialized, but the biggest advantage involved in it is the generation of plama, the fourth state of matter with multiple fascets for use such as 6000 degree energy discharges (at much higher levels). In addition it can cause electrical charges in the energy to create ozone which is condensed and then boiled using thermal microwave energy to cause it to explode. These are just some of the multiple uses of microwaves.

   Strengths: Microwave magic has multiple uses and can be extremely versatile in what it is capable of. The plasma it creates can be used to relay messages, burn through targets, cause explosions, melt objects, detect objects and people, diverting photonic energy to cause invisibility. The use of this magic is actually very scientific and works with the way the world operates instead of against it like many types of magic do. In addition it is also fairly fast acting and casting times aren't known to exceed more than a few seconds.

   Weaknesses: It's very difficult to keep plasma magic active for very long. After a while the user grows very tired. In addition, while it provides edges over opponents that are weaker, the power of the spells tend to level out for a while as the mage learns more about microwaves. While this can be counteracted by preemptive research, it can be troublesome to try to identify when one's knowledge is lacking. Additionally it uses the powers of one's mind and not their body which can make it fairly difficult to train. Finally, there's some stigma to the users of Microwave magic dying at an early age while coughing up blood or just suddenly fading health.

RP Sample:
One of the paladins, the one that wasn't engaged with the guildless mage turned toward him and walked closer.
"Magic Council business, move along." He said.
"Magic Council business my ass. You're just out and out harassing civilians."
"This person a friend of yours?"
"So what if they are." He said, stepping forward as his rage slowly started to build, though he swallowed it.
"Well then can we assume you're taking this person to join your guild, which would be?"
"Maybe. Though that shouldn't really matter. You people are in the wrong. And maybe I'm one of those guildless mages you keep hearing about. You know, the really dangerous ones." He retorted, keeping his rage bottled in. Even if he did end up facing down some Magic Council paladins it wouldn't behoove him to go off and kill them.
"You know the law, guildless mages need to join a guild or be arrested." The Councilman responded.
"Okay if you can't see the guild emblem on my right ****ing hand you're retarded." He said as he fought harder to keep his rage in line. It was now a battle he was losing.
"You have a mouth on you don't you little one."
"Yeah, it's a circumstance of not having any parents. Also leave that person over there alone or my better nature might get into the way and you'll have someone else to worry about arresting." He snapped back.
"And like that you're under arrest for threatening an official of the Magic Council." The paladin snapped back, placing a hand on Tatsu's shoulder.

   Username: kuro

   Face Claim: Hakaze Kusariba- Blast of Tempest

   Desired starting level: 1

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Everything looks good but your magic states it can use electrical and other sort of damage....I talked it over with an admin and we agreed that you can go with heat/fire type of damage. So please edit your magic ^-^ That's all!~

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Since Sandra's asleep now, I'll push this through for you. Approved! re-welcome to the Revolution!

side note: You get to add your fire magic extra for free as if it were a fire spell because of the element. That's why we made sure to do that :3

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