Consolidating Power [Shadow Heart (B)]

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Consolidating Power [Shadow Heart (B)]

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:20 am

Request name: Consolidating Power
Request rank: B
Guild: Shadow Heart
Client name: Sorrel
Objective: There are those who doubt our claim to power. Show them we have the power to back up our claims and win their hearts and minds.
Location:Oak Town
Reward: 15 exp
Request description: There is no poster. This comes as a direct order from a superior who needs someone to take care of their "little problem."
Request details:
Oak town is the former home of the Magic Council, and many still want to believe that the Council will protect them. They won't be coming. Not with their own selfish civil war going on. Demonstrate to the town who they should be loyal to by destroying the rogue wizards who have moved in to take advantage of the chaos.


Name: Sorrel
Age: 40
General Appearance: Clad in a dark cloak, Sorrel's long blond hair is only noticeable if it spills out of the hood. He is muscular but slim, and his eyes glow an unnatural violet.
Personality: Sorrel is a cunning lieutenant and a strangely charismatic man for his creepy appearance. He is direct and firm, preferring to use blunt words over the normal deceitful ways of Shadow Heart. He understands the need for Shadow Heart to win the hearts and minds of Fiore if they are to take power for any amount of time, and does, in fact, seem to care about the general well-being of the public.
Motivations: Help Shadow Heart win over Fiore
Fears: Failing to win people over
Spells/Abilities: Sorrel is a powerful A-Rank curse magic wielder, but doesn't get into combat in this job.
Other: N/A


Name: Thuggish Thugs x 10
Age: Various Ages
General Appearance: Various looks/genders/etc. They have a general look of people who want to be intimidating about them.
Personality: Brutish bullies all, the varying thugs are simply seeking to take advantage of the now lawless lands.
Motivations: Make money, have fun
Fears: Being stopped
Spells/Abilities: C-rank and D-rank spells of varying types.
Other: The thugs don't need to be killed. A sound beating or intimidation will work just as well from one or more cunning wizards.


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