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Maokai Kaoin

Post by Maokai Kaoin on Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:19 am

Maokai Kaoin

Power - ****  
Agility - ***      
Toughness - **  
Intelligence - ****
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Maokai Kaoin
Alias(es): None at the moment
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: February 15
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

General Appearance: Maokai's blonde hair is slightly spikes. It is more of a bed head than anything. He has better things to worry about than fashions. His body build is on the average size for typical anime character; fairly lean with some muscle. His skin is slightly tanned from working outside in the sun. He is usually dressed for work: worn jeans, shirt and a basic black jacket. His boots are steel toed and are fairly light for traversing any terrain. He often carries a small first aid kit with him, just in case.     

Personality: Maokai is a hard worker. He doesn't like to stop at half way and doesn't want to do thing half-baked. If something if worth doing, it is worth overdoing. He has always been stubborn and has a hard time letting other people help him. They may just get in the way and make more work for him. He is very protective of people, especially his father and sister. He grew up fast when his father, a wizard in Lamia Scale, was sent off to the war. He worked at a neighborhood market to help provide for himself and his sister. His mother wasn't in the picture. She died when he and his sister were young. Neither can really remember her.

He doesn't have many friends, a lot of acquaintances. It is difficult for him to trust people. People have schemes and plans that back stab and turn people against each other. Even as a member of his father's wizard guild, he doesn't trust anyone in that guild. When in the guild hall, he keeps to himself and takes tasks from the request board.

Likes: Rain: It cleanses the world and feel great on his skin.
         Health: Be glad you have it. You're a lucky one.
         Music: It can change the emotions of a room with ease and calm the savage beast.
Dislikes: Physical Fighting: Just reminds him of his father in the hospital put there by the war.
            Alcohol: It makes people stupider and leaves a bad taste on his mouth.
            Money: There is always a need for it and a lack of it. Its a rich man's world.

Motivations: He is trying to rebuild his and his family's lives after the battle in Era. He is overprotective of his sister, Taylor. He is also waiting patiently for their father to wake up from a coma he got during the war.
Fears: Anything bad happening to his father or sister. He also fears another war. That is the last thing Era needs.

Occupation: He does a lot of mercenary work from the bulletin board as a Guild Wizard.
Family: Mother passed when he was young. Father is currently in a coma in a hospital in Era. He has a younger sister, Taylor, that is old enough to take care of herself. But, he is still trying to over-protect her.
Medical Conditions: None
Pets: None
Hometown: The town of Era, or what is left of it.
Secrets: He doesn't like talking about it. But he has killed a couple of enemy soldiers during his runs to get supplies. It was either Maokai or them. They weren't afraid to hurt or kill a 16-17 year old boy. He would also steal from shops that were closed for essentials. They were just going to either go bad or end up in enemy hands.


His childhood was fairly normal. They were raised by their father, Duncan. Maokai and his younger sister, Taylor, never really knew their mother. When Maokai turned 15, his father started training him to use illusion magic like he used. Their father would be gone from time to time doing work for Lamia Scale. Leaving Maokai to take care of Taylor. Both children grew up quickly. Illusion magic wasn't easy for Maokai to learn. He trained on the 2nd floor of their house in a room full of mirrors. It was a strange room. When war broke out, their father went in as a soldier leaving Maokai and Taylor "safe" at home.

He was gone for several months to a year at a time. Maokai and his sister hid in their basement during much of the battles in Era. Maokai would use what illusion powers he knew at the time to run and get supplies while his sister remained safe. Their house was the best shelter they had against the war. But even that took hits. The mirror room where Maokai was trained was damaged badly. Shards of the mirrors littered the house. The entrance to their basement was hidden behind a chair in their living room. The two teenagers were scared for their lives. Sometimes, they could hear footsteps from the floor above them. They never knew if they were friendly or not.  

When the war ended, Maokai's father was returned from the war with major head injury. His father was sent straight to the hospital here for care. Maokai, Taylor (his sister) and him talked awhile. All wizards were now required to join guilds to keep a better track of them. Maokai made a trip to Lamia Scale to register. He was novice at best. While he was gone, Their father went into a coma that he hasn't recovered from yet. Maokai quit his job in the Era market to work in Lamia Scale. The money is better. He sends money to his sister every week to help support her. Taylor watches over their father and works at the market, the same job Maokai used to have.

Maokai has yet to make any friends in Lamia Scale. He joined because it was his father's guild, not that he joined a guild voluntarily. Daedalus appears to have no interest in him or anything from Maokai's point of view. All Maokai has seen of him is sleep. Maokai is at least glad he isn't part of Fairy Tail. From news that would reach him from the war, all he and Taylor ever heard about them is destruction of everything. Maokai doesn't really have an opinion of Blue Pegasus. He heard about the magical flying bomber but not much else.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamina Scale as for right now. It is a legnthy commute from Era to Hargeon Town. An option he is keeping open is establishing a guild in Era. It may assist in rebuilding the town.
Guild Tattoo: Light Blue logo on the right Chest.

Magic: Illusion
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Maokai has the ability to create images that usually cannot be interacted with. Although they seem real, they cannot deal any damage or interact with anyone. An illusion can be shattered on demand or by touching it.
Strengths: Maokai is a hard man to catch. Not only is there more than one of him at times, he can hide in plain sight without you know about him. This can give him enough time to contemplate a plan to eliminate you. He can distort your reality and sneak up behind you to finish you off. When he is as good as his father, he can make better and more versatile illusions to assist him.
Weaknesses: He doesn't put out a lot of damage. More powerful people are able to cut though the illusions quicker and pin Maokai easily to a wall. He depends on tricks to manipulate his foes. If you have fought Maokai before, you know his tricks and you can beat him easily. Illusion magic isn't really intended to be used close range. As a novice, Maokai doesn't really have much of a choice. It is a tough magic type to master.

RP Sample:
He walked into his father's hospital room. There were many casualties from the war that were still in the hospital for long term injuries. He sat in the chair next to the bed and told his non-responsive father all the family news. "Hey again," He started with slightly a ritualistic opening, "Sorry you couldn't be there for your daughter's birthday. Its been a rough year on us all. We made sure it was her day for once. I would of saved you some cake but," Maokai's story was interrupted by his own chuckle, "Taylor's friends decided to prank her by pushing her face into the cake. But, she is your daughter and got revenge. Taylor put some cake in her pants. It was a huge food fight. You would of laughed your head off till you were with me helping clean it up."

Maokai paused to wipe come drool from his father's mouth with a towel before continuing. "Lamia Scale just hasn't been the same without you. Leadership has been struggling with their own troubles. I never did see what you saw in that place. Hopefully, one of these days you can wake up and show me. I hate to make my time short but I do always have work to accomplish. I'll talk to you tomorrow." He calmly stood up, wiped a renegade tear from his eye, and walked towards the exit. Before Moakai got there, he stopped, turned his head towards his father's bed, and let out a silent sigh. He knows the chances his father ever waking up are bleak.  

Face Claim: Guy Takahashi - Heaven and Hell Studios
Maokai Kaoin

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Re: Maokai Kaoin

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Bump it up.


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Re: Maokai Kaoin

Post by PatriotArrow on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:21 am

Well since I've watched you make this step by step, pretty much, I'm gunna go ahead and say this is approved.


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Re: Maokai Kaoin

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