Re-Equip Magic Rules

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Re-Equip Magic Rules

Post by PatriotArrow on Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:09 pm

Re-equip Magic


What is Re-equip magic? Well, for those of you who haven’t read the manga or watched the anime, it is a form of caster magic where by the caster creates and maintains a fold in space where they store all their items they don’t wish to carry. Using this magic they can then pull said items out whenever they want and wherever they are.

Put simply they have a “pocket” in space that holds their stuff, namely equipment, and using their magic move equipment in and out of this “pocket”. The abilities and spells they use are channeled through their equipment and as such they are required to have the equipment on them to use their spells outside re-equipping.

What can be re-equipped?

Equipment used by re-equippers is special. Due to the nature of their magic Re-equippers have a harder time storing and removing holder items as the magic conflicts with normal holder equipment. As such they bring mundane or powerless equipment to Melchior to get it reforged and/or attuned to them. Only certain materials can be properly forged and attuned to the wielder making it impossible for lacrima powered equipment to be attuned. However, because it’s still mundane equipment, it’s still more fragile than normal holder equipment. Normal clothes and trinkets can also be re-equipped instantly at any time as they have absolutely no magic in them normally.

What makes Re-equip fighting special?

Well, a couple things do. First, as a re-equipper you’re able to switch your gear on the fly, allowing you versatility in combat. From sword, to spear, to even a gun. Additionally, unlike holder magics that use Lacrima Re-equip is caster. As such the spells Re-equippers use are channeled through the weapons. However, this means they suffer the same drawback holders do in that without the equipment they can’t use most of their magic. The equipment, just like holder equipment, is fully combat usable.

Each piece of equipment takes up one spell slot, and each spell based on that equipment take up slots as well. So plan carefully when making your equipment and abilities! When starting ut as a re-equipper, you start with one of the following sets of starting gear. Dual wielding weapons that are pulled out at the same time each take a spell slot and cost seperate MP costs.

level 1 - two items, three rank 1 spells
level 2 - two items, one rank 2 spell, two rank 1 spells
level 3 - two items, one rank 3 spell, one rank 2 spell, one rank 1 spell

How do Re-equippers obtain their equipment?

There’s a few ways equipment can be obtained. The first is to buy the aforementioned mundane equipment and then take it to Melchior. He’ll then either attune/reforge it on the spot, or ask for materials to attune/reforge it. In the event he asks for materials, you’ll have to go on a mission like quest for the items he calls for.

The second way is to talk to Melchior about forging an item from scratch. Should he agree, you will HAVE to go on a quest for materials. Doing this will require more materials, and doesn’t actually make the equipment any stronger. As a note: He will not always agree to forging something from scratch.

The third way is to convince another re-equipper to give up their equipment. Generally speaking, the most common way for this to happen is for one re-equipper to die. Any equipment left outside the pocket dimension at that point is left for anyone to grab, and equipment in the pocket dimension is lost forever. Though this doesn’t have to be the case. A friend can give up their equipment should they desire to.

Simply take the equipment to Melchior and attempt to have it re-attuned. There is a price to pay for this however… the equipment in question loses one rank. This includes re-equips you get from events and prizes if they belonged to someone else at some point.


While the manga and anime show it as instantaneous, the only user they show doing this is a high ranked wizard who time and again defeats giant monsters and powerful wizards. Erza was noted to be especially skilled and above average at handling her re-equipping. However starting out… you’re not not that skilled. So you’ll have to take time to re-equip until you’re strong and skilled enough to handle instantaneous re-equipping.

Below is a table for how long it takes to switch weapons when re-equipping. As a requipper grows in power, he is able to requip less powerful items at a faster rate.

Rank 1 - 2 seconds
Rank 2 - 2 seconds
Rank 3 - 2 seconds, Rank 1 = 1 second
Rank 4 - 2 seconds, Rank 2 = 1 second
Rank 5 - 2 seconds, Rank 3 = 1 second
Rank 6 - 2 seconds, Rank 4 = 1 second, Rank 1 = 0 seconds
Rank 7 - 2 seconds, Rank 5 = 1 second, Rank 2 = 0 seconds
Rank 8 - 2 Seconds, Rank 6 = 1 second, Rank 3 = 0 seconds
Rank 9 - 2 seconds, Rank  7 = 1 second, Rank 4 = 0 seconds
Rank 10 - 2 seconds, Rank  8 = 1 second, Rank 5 = 0 seconds

Making a Re-equip wizard:

Now that you know how they work, and the limits of their abilities, you probably want to make one. For starters, since this is a limited magic your application will have to be above just passing. Put some real effort into the app and show us you deserve this spot.  Next you’ll want to pick a theme for your re-equip. It can be named whatever you want as long as the equipment you choose fits this theme.

The only exceptions to them are if you obtain an item from another re-equipper or event. Once your character, starting equipment, and magic are approved, make sure to stay active. Just like other limited magic users you must submit a monthly activity check to either Maxus or PatriotArrow. Failure to do so gets you a strike. Three strikes and you’re out. Three months of activity will remove a strike.

When you reach the spell making part of making your re-equipper, add this to your starting spells. It doesn’t take up a spell slot, nor does it take away from your maximum spells.

[b]Spell name:[/b] Special Ability - Requip
[b]Element:[/b] Special
[b]Rank: [/b] Caster Level
[b]MP cost:[/b] Equal to the highest level spell on the holder item (Free to dismiss)
[b]Effect:[/b] The caster summons an item to their location, but only if they are able to wield it when summoned. For weapons, this means that the required number of hands must be free. For armor, they must not already have some sort of armor equipped.

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