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Journal of Nero Yamazaki

Post by Nero Yamazaki on Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:41 pm

Nero Yamazki


[Attributes] (Insert *'s in each category using the guidelines in the attribute topic)
Power - 
Agility - ☆☆☆☆☆
Toughness - 
Intelligence - ☆☆☆☆
Willpower - ☆☆☆☆

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Nero Yamazaki
Alias(es): Joker, Void
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: August 14th
Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: Primarily Blood Red with Snow White Highlights
Eyes: Venom Green

General Appearance: Nero Yamazaki, a person who likes to wear mainly black clothing to ensue a more or less intimidating presence. Not by his physical appearance, but to let people know of his Alias right when they see him carrying a card in his right hand, his hairstyle is how the Face Claim proclaims it to be, though colored in Bloody Red with Snow White Highlights as if to silently say that he is innocent and caring. Athletically Toned so that his body even though is scrawny, can at least pull off a couple of athletic feats. Nero usually wears a Black Light Leather Jacket with a Red Shirt underneath with some Ripped Black Jeans to add a more street appearance to his persona.

Personality: Nero is usually calm, calculative, smart and very flexible in terms of normal personality. Most times you would see Nero playing Vanguard with random people in the city because he often prepares for local tournaments and loves to think of different strategies that can often relate into real life situations. Loving and caring to those dear to him, comrades and family alike, he will often put himself at risk of danger to protect those people he cares deeply for. Defiant and very hardheaded, it can also be some terms that also set Nero apart from many others since it actually can be both good and bad which naturally depends on the current situation at hand. However, even Nero has his own dark side that he doesn't like to show others, simply because it's the complete opposite of his natural self.

The moment Nero happens to be forced into using his family's forbidden spell, his persona changes dramatically. Instead of the loving, caring and sweet Nero everybody once knew, has just vanished into thin air. Nero's eyes now have a Dark Yellow aura on them while his facial expressions turn much darker and merciless while at the same time adding some red markings under his eyes, he becomes very blunt, and doesn't care about anybody else at hand except if it happens to be people from his guild, it's as if Nero has blanked out and sets his sight towards solely finishing the task at hand. Dangerous and merciless, that is what Nero turns into when he enter's the "Reversed" State due to the forbidden spell of his family.


  • Cards/Card Games in General
  • Music
  • Thinking in Dangerous Situations


  • Arrogant People
  • Polar Opposite's of himself
  • Weak-Minded individuals


  • Finding his long lost sister: Yuki Yamazki
  • Protecting his dying Comrades


  • Betrayal from anybody
  • Extremely Lengthy Heights [Say 500 meters in the Air at least]
  • Losing another Family Member [mainly a Guild Member]

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Father, Mother and Two Siblings [One Brother and Sister], the mother and father are deceased, so is the brother, only the Sister's current status is unknown.
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: At home, his family once owned an oversized Komodo Dragon.
Hometown: The Guild

  • Secretly doesn't like to be alone
  • Has a Crush on a certain somebody in the Guild [We'll figure it out as time passes in the RP]


Born in the continent of Fiore, city of Magnolia Nero into a family of good will and gesture that was dedicated to protecting themselves a year after the war with the infamous guild Shadow Heart had finally came to an end. With an older brother who deceased during the war, named Aragami Yamazaki and an older sister named Yuki Yamazki whose whereabouts are currently unknown to the family, but they have considered the worst has happened to the older sister as well. When Nero had recently turned Five years old, a new card game had been on the rise in popularity, Magi-Fight and since then he has been hooked on it since he first started playing it. Nero’s father, Tsurugi Yamazaki took notice of this and essentially mentioned a simple question of whether or not Nero wanted to learn the Magic that the Yamazaki family created as a branch within Card Magic, otherwise known as: Joker’s Magic.
          Nero had accepted the offer of gaining the training necessary to learn the Joker’s Magic that his family created during the war with Shadow Heart, though he was young, Nero excelled at learning the fundamental basics of Joker’s Magic and essentially overcame Tsurugi’s expectations on the knowledge that his son could retain. “You’ve done well to learn the basics in only Four years my son,” Tsurugi had said boldly and proudly to his last offspring: Nero Yamazaki. Of course, Nero simply nodded his head and simply said with a humble voice “Thank you father, I guess my knowledge on Card Games had helped me out during this process.” Of course, after that statement had been said, Tsurugi and his son bursted out in laughter not because it was out of stupidity; it was due to the fact Nero had taken his own measures to understand the cards through a different means than most others in the family history have done it.
          Time passed, as Nero had grown more adept, both in knowledge and in combat when his father had taken him to local stadiums to face off against others around his age and Needless to say, Nero had completely dominated his competition for the next Six years. However, Nero’s father had been teaching a Forbidden Spell to Nero since he was about 13 years old, so it means that even after Two years of learning this Forbidden Spell; he has not obtained the permission to actually use this Spell in actual combat. This is otherwise known as Reverse, which can shift one’s personality a complete 180 Degree Angle in exchange for making the powers of one’s cards real while also amplifying the power of the Normal Magic Cards as is already. “You aren’t ready yet Nero…when the time comes, that side effect of personality change will wear off; and you will only have a deep cyan blue aura in your eyes that mark your mastery over this magic…I’m sure that day will come in the future,” Tsurugi had stated to his son as his dying wish a year later, making his age 16 now.
          During the time of his father’s murder, he had seen a familiar face that he never would have thought could do this to family…or it could be an illusion getting into Nero’s mind. Whatever the case, Nero decided then and there that he would find out who this person is, no matter the cost. Nero spent the next year traveling doing rouge missions as a Guildless Mage accepting little pay, but in exchange had asked for whereabouts for his older sister: Yuki Yamazaki. To no avail, Nero had only seen a picture of his older sister that was engraved in his memory the day his father was murdered, wearing black just as she always had, the long black flowing hair, the Reverse Marking under her eyes, eyes that blue as cold as absolute zero itself showing no remorse. “Naze…I need to find the answers to that…I will find you again Yuki Yamazaki,” Nero told himself in a shrill whisper. Soon after, Nero made his way to Fairy Tail, a Famous yet infamous guild in the good way however and had found a new family to reside with and hopefully find the help he needs to find Yuki Yamazaki and gain the answers that he has been searching for all of this time.

[Guild & Magic]
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: On the Right Side of his Neck, colored Cloudy Grey.

Magic: Joker's Magic
Caster or Holder: Holder-Type Magic
Description: Similar to Card Magic itself, it is a type of Magic that revolves around the use of Magic and actual Normal Cards for various effects, such as creating biotic and abiotic effects. Nero's cards are more often used in an Offensive Manner that seem to carry a tactician-like mindset behind it all but can also be utilized in a sort of Defensive Way as well. For the most part, Nero is seen using the cards as a Long Range Projectile that essentially cuts through most if not everything in its path, almost all of the cards by themselves have very powerful individual effects and are rarely combined to make stronger spells simply due to the potential of them destroying a large portion of the battlefield.

However, when Nero ends up using the Forbidden Spell from his Family, the Normal Cards which he carries can be turned into reality and as such, carries mainly Cards of a new Game that happens to be rising to either apply, summon or activate effects. Should Nero summon a powerful beast from his cards, he can only maintain that creature for a Maximum of 5 Posts due to how powerful they naturally are. Many effects such as boosting and destroying things from his Normal Cards also take manifestation and are essentially amplified to a very high degree. However, even without using the Forbidden Spell, Nero is still capable of using his Normal Cards in combat, just that they aren't amplified as much and can only summon weaker creatures to aid him in combat.

Strengths: Versatile, Nero is capable of using many individual card effects to very powerful lengths and essentially only uses a mixture of them when he's out in a very open field. The cards can be turned into Close Range and Mid/Long Range Projectiles to essentially turn the tide of a battle depending on the current situation. Joker's Magic also has the potential to set traps in small quantity but produce a mass destruction effect when triggered upon stepping or when a certain spell is used.

Weaknesses: The irony of Joker's Magic is that with it's Forbidden Spell, it essentially can drain a vast majority of Nero's Magic Supply. It is a Forbidden Spell to use mainly towards the late end of the fight, or in desperate situations to save a comrades life. Also, if enough cards are used and Nero isn't thinking strategically, his attacks and traps as well as patterns could eventually become predictable and will have little to no effect then against the opponent at hand.

RP Sample:

"Alright, I'm ready....." Zenith thought to himself as he prepared to take the Entrance Exam for Syne Academy in the form of Atlas Tradition. Around Zenith's presence, was an almost empty room filled with only mechanical lockers. Just after Zenith had taken out his gauntlets from the assigned locker and mounted them on his wrist, an alarm started to echo throughout the room. The lockers had each begun to slowly dip into the floor with a rhythm that seemed to give the mechanical clicking a soothing melody fitting to the echoing of the alarm.

Zenith then simply rose from the lone chair that he was sitting on in the room, more sounds then clicked off during the echoing of the alarm, the first was a lighter one being the chair dipping into the floor. Another which was much heavier symbolized that the platform Zenith was standing upon had begun to rise up into a bright light, the room that would be Zenith;s Entrance Exam. In response to this, Zenith had let his gauntlets activate and take form around his entire forearm as the platform was rising up. The serene and relaxing moments before the Entrance Exam were about to be replaced by a violent ordeal that would determine whether or not Zenith is admitted into Syne Academy.

"For my family." Zenith immediately said to himself in a cold tone, as the platform had finally reached it's destination; Zenith was able to see a crowd of people towards the upper half of the large and spacious room, people who had already taken the test and are awaiting their results, while at the same time there are others who are awaiting their turn in the Entrance Exam. However, one thing was in common between all of these people: that was that they were all gauging out their competition, namely the rumors of Zenith Oreol had sprung all the way to even the Entrance Exam itself. Now taking one brief scan around the room, Zenith takes note of the Monitors on all four sides of the room, in order to allow people to view his combat prowess and Entrance Exam, at least for those who were not able to see the room clearly. 

Doors from all four wings of the gran, white lit room had opened up and a swarm of Humanoid Robots flooded out into the room from the forsaken doors, and all were programmed to kill their target on sight. "Now the fun begins." Zenith stated with a firm and icy voice, many shadows have appeared in the premises, though he had decided that for mean time it was not necessary to do something extremely dangerous and stupid at the given time. Zenith then heard the sounds of lasers being fired from the East Wing towards him. *Whirr-click* Zenith's gauntlet had engaged a shield that was designed specifically to reflect any projectile that happened to be laser, light or dust related straight back towards the enemy at twice or three times the intended carnage. *Boom-clank* the swarm of Robots on the East Wing had all be decimated, *Buurr-thud* the East Wing Door had slammed shut. 

Murmuring could now be portrayed as Zenith had briefly scanned the premises and had pulled the trigger on his gauntlet [triggered by his aura] to launch a ray of white hot, piercing light towards the West Wing of the swarm almost instantly after he had decimated the entire East Wing. While making the chain explosions destroy the entire West Wing was viable, the North and South Wings of the room were intact and quickly closing in on Zenith.

"Tch, well things are gonna get messy from here on out..." Zenith whispered under his breath as he flicked his shield mounted gauntlet to allow a White Ray of Light to envelop his weapon in order to allow it to act as a sort of buzz saw to slice up some of the danger in the premises. *Grrr* the low growl of Zenith's Jaguar Genes had show itself as he began rushing towards the North Wing that was closing in with the South Wing at an intense speed only Jaguar's could actually run at. The moment Zenith had arrived there, he swung his right arm while spinning a full 360 Degrees Clockwise to allow the buzz saw-like light to extend and shoot out violently towards both the North and South Wings, in which all but two Humanoid Robots from each side had unfortunate encounter with as they were sliced in half and exploded in the process. The remaining four Humanoid Robots had begun charging towards Zenith as a smirk had appeared on his face, "It's showtime!" Zenith said happily, though with a kind of maniacal type of voice while his Aura showing had changed from Snow White to a Pitch Black mixed with Bloody Red, signifying that the most dangerous part of Zenith has yet to be shown.

Zenith immediately triggered his shield mounted gauntlet and pointed it up towards the one giant light bulb above them all. Firing away at the light bulb, expressions of disbelief could be seen on the faces of the people watching, and especially to the ones who had already taken their exam. *Snicker-Cackle* the laughing of Zenith could be heard as the Bloody Red mix of the Aura was the only visible thing, then all of a sudden, clashes of lightning and fists were resonating around the room, *Buzz, thud, clank* the battle sounds were intense, to the point of where the four red eyes of the Humanoid Robots and the Bloody Red Aura of Zenith Oreol were moving so fast it was almost a blur.

Zenith decided to finally use the shadows to his advantage, namely...the entire dark room and what could be seen were legitimate pitch black platforms rising up from within the darkness from behind and under the Robots, throwing them off balance and allowing Zenith to utilize the white light buzz saw launchign strategy on two of them which for just a brief second; the crowd was able to see the decimation of two more Humanoid Robots in hand to hand combat. When the light had dissipated once more, sparks of electricity followed immediately where Zenith had delivered a devastating blow to the final two heads of the Humanoid Robots secretly and with such speed, it were as if Zenith had traveled through the shadows to ambush them and disappeared back into them.

When all was said and done, Zenith shined his White Light on the shield mounted gauntlet and let it revert back into a regular gauntlet form on his forearm. "Ummm, do you guys have Emergency Lights? I need to find an exit to relax now." Zenith said jokingly though with a tone so serious, people couldn't tell what kind of power this..."monster" had stored within himself to do all of this without being touched, literally. The emergency lights were lit on and the first thing everybody saw was Zenith standing the center of the room with all of the pieces of exploded and sliced up Humanoid Robots. A door opened up South of Zenith, and he calmly walked towards that direction to make his way into the crowd to find a lone chair for him to sit on, and relax for the rest of the day.

Username: AncientHalo

Face Claim: Shin [Amnesia]

Nero Yamazaki
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