Vidrio's second form

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Vidrio's second form

Post by Vidrio on Fri Oct 24, 2014 3:27 pm

Īe shinimasen

Rank: C
Description: In this form Vidrio's hair lengthens dramatically and becomes orange. His skin gains a bone like substance over it like armor, which is weightless somehow. He gains draconian spikes on his shoulders and a tail with a red tip. His face also gains the same bone like armor in the shape of a snarling human skull but has five crimson stripes on it's left side. He gains white tufts of fur at his wrists.

Spells/Abilities: Corrosive touch: This form does not allow Vidrio to use any long range attacks at all, It does however give his skin acidic qualities making close range contact optimal. He also moves faster and hits harder.
Strengths: Corrosive touch gives Vidrio unmatched close-range capabilities, with close range combat becoming near impossible for someone without ridiculous pain tolerance. When he gained this form, Vidrio found he could control Mugetsu with ease, since Īe shinimasen consumed the spirit of Mugetsu.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately, in this form Vidrio cannot fight at long range at all. It is also a painful and addicting transformation, so much so that Vidrio often forgets that he can still use Mugetsu.

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