Common Magics

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Common Magics

Post by PatriotArrow on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:17 pm

These Magics are readily available to all who would learn them. Any number of characters can take a type of magic under this list. If you don't see something you have an idea for, feel free to PM someone about it. When a character is created, they get to select one of these types of magic. Or, if you'd rather, you can select a more limited one from the list below. That is... if there are any free. Characters with a common magic type may create a variation of said type of magic as well, subject to a staff member's approval.

Most uncommon and limited magics can be broken down into one of the common elements at their most basic, and this will be listed in the uncommon magic's element in their description.

Note that if both elements have an advantage against one another, then each get a bonus of 1* power when attacking the other's defense. Defenses, however, do not gain the bonus when two elements have an advantage against each other.

Air Magic - Air magic is naturally fast and aggressive style, emphasizing speedy strikes. It has some defensive options as well.
Advantage: Fire Magic
Example sub-types: Sky Magic, Sound Magic

Fire Magic - Fire magic is the most agressive of the basic elements, lending itself to powerful attacks that leave opponents and the surrounding terrain smoldering. It has the fewest defensive options of the main elements, though its offensive power more than makes up for it, at least according to its users.
Advantage: Ice Magic
Example Sub-types: Heat Magic, Lava Magic

Lightning Magic - Lightning magic creates and manipulates electricity for attack and defense. Another aggressive style, Lightning magic is somewhere in-between fire and air magic in terms of it's general capabilities.
Advantage: Water Magic
Example Sub-types: Thunder Magic

Earth Magic - A defensive style of magic utilizing stone and earth to protect the user. It also boasts powerful offense, and has a wide number of variations.
Advantage: Electricity Magic
Example Sub-types: Earth-softening, Sand Magic, crystal magic

Metal Magic - A versatile magic used for attack and defense in equal measure. It usually manipulates or creates a specific type of metal. many weapon-based magics fall under this element as well.
Advantage: Air Magic
Example Sub-types: Iron Magic, Steel Magic

Water Magic - Water Magic is a flexible and versatile magic. It boasts good defense and decent offense, but is more versatile than earth magic.
Advantage: Earth Magic
Example sub-types: Tear Magic

Light Magic - Light Magic is a powerful magic that draws in the light around the caster in order to turn it into various forms, such as beams, illusions, or other abilities depending on its subgroup. Light magic often brightens the area around the spell as a side-effect.
Advantage: Dark Magic
Example Sub-types: Beam Magic, Illusion Magic, Heavenly Body Magic

Dark Magic - Dark Magic is the polar opposite of Light Magic. It is associated with villainous wizards, though anyone can use it if they learn it. Dark magic usually darkens the area around the user, giving it a sinister sort of lighting.
Advantage: Light Magic
Example Sub-groups: Shadow Magic, Coven Magic

Ice Magic - Ice Magic doesn't quite qualify as a subgroup of water magic due to its vastly differing properties. It usually functions a lot like earth magic, though due to its properties it is most commonly a maker magic.
Advantage: Nature Magic
Example Sub-types: Ice-Make, Snow Magic

Psychic Magic - Psychic Magic is a broad category that involves everything from telekenesis to Archive magic. It is a magic that is more about mind over matter.
Advantage: Physics Magic
Example Sub-types: Archive Magic, Telekinesis Magic

Physics Magic - Not quite the opposite of Psychic Magic, Physics magic is about manipulating the physics of the natural world.
Advantage: Psychic Magic
Example Sub-types: Acceleration Magic, Speed Magic

Nature Magic - While Earth Magic manipulates the earth and stone, Nature magic manipulates plants and animals. A nature wizard can be one of many different types of wizard, though the most common manipulates vines and trees.
Advantage: Water Magic
Example Sub-types: Poison Magic, Plant Magic, Wood-Make Magic

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