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Renata Caverly Tumblr_m8qbezGzlh1r8uyogo1_500

Power -    **
Agility -   *****   
Toughness -  ***
Intelligence -   ****
Willpower - *

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Renata Mirelle Caverly
Alias(es): Ren
Gender: Female
Age: 17, but barely, she is almost 18.
Birthday: February 1st. She isn't fond of the day, because it is cold and she prefers not to be cold, it makes her feel fragile.
Sexuality: Probably bisexual, leaning more toward girls. She is for the most part more intimidated by men and prefers the company of women currently.

Height: 5'2”
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Pale blond, perhaps a bit gray colored in some light
Eyes: Soft brown eyes, near the color of honey

General Appearance: Ren is a petite little thing. She most often wears an oversized black hoodie. The hoodie is black, her favorite color, thick cotton to keep her warm, and tends to fall over her hands completely. When she is feeling especially shy the hood comes up over her head and her entire face is shrouded some, making her feel more secure. She also commonly wears a black and red plaid skirt that she was told made her look “cute,” but mostly she wears this because it is available. She also wears black tights. The amount of her legs shown by her short skirt might make them look long, but coupled with her hoodie, it's own length encroaching on that of the skirt, and her actual height, her legs still don't look like much. She wears Mary-Janes or black and white converse.

Ren's hair is quite short, only reaching the bottoms of her ears in most parts, though the bangs in the front can hang over her eyes and actually reach lower than her chin in front. She generally appears cute, with a frequent blush on her features if she is uncomfortable. Her skin is pale, from natural complexion and from lack of time spent in sunlight. She is thin, a bit skinnier than she ought to be, but she does eat. She most likely doesn't get enough food, but the enormous hoodie that engulfs her body means that no one can see this. She sometimes wears dark eye makeup and various earrings, shown easily with her short hair pushed back. She doesn't seem to have any muscles, and probably bruises easily, but she does seem like she can run away fairly easily.

Personality: Ren has been through a lot in her life. She is afraid. She’s afraid of people, afraid of being alone, afraid of being with someone, afraid of hurting others and of being hurt. She is certainly a timid creature. When she lost her friends she thought she was sad, but she could take it. When her parents abandoned her she was sure she was doomed, but her best friend helped. When she lost her best friend she felt worthless. She became completely clingy and dependent. She needed the people in her life and she needed them every second.
She alternates between ultra clingy and awkwardly distant. It is because she doesn’t trust anyone. She has not been able to trust anyone in a long time. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to, she wants desperately to trust people, but she cannot. She is afraid, she cannot afford it, and besides, what have they done to earn her trust? She is in a guild, and she appreciates that, but in the end she is just one of many, she is certain everyone has someone better to spend their time with. Not just someone they like more, but someone better.
She is a good person, at her core, surely. She is timid, shy, afraid, but she will still pick something up for you if you drop it. She will ask if you are alright if you seem especially upset, even if it makes her heart pound just to speak up. She respects authority, and loves to watch people dance. She finds herself clumsy and awkward, despite her natural grace, and this keeps her from showing off what could actually be an asset, her dance like skills. She wants for people to be happy, she wants to comfort those who need it, and she wants, desperately to have friends. She needs company, without it she remains depressed and afraid. She needs a comfort zone, but she has none. She feels that since she isn’t worth people’s companionship, she can at least help people, and thus she tries to be as nice to everyone as she can be.
When she finds someone she has an attachment to she is on them like glue. She can be physically clingy, holding hands with any friend, clinging to someone’s arm, hugging, sitting in laps, snuggling up, and falling asleep next to anyone she thinks she should trust. Should trust, since she cannot bring herself to trust anyone. She would probably let some people in her hoodie if they were cold. No, not take it off; let them in it, it is pretty big after all. She gets jealous easily and can be seen sulking or hiding if she thinks her current attachment is more interested in other people. That is not to say that she is actually upset they like someone else, but she is sure their other interest is much better than her, and they will realize this and never come back to her. She is preparing for the loss.
Overall she is a sweet girl, a lonely little creature, but she has the capacity for great loyalty and love.
Likes: Friendship, conversation, being close to people, touching skin, cotton, warm weather, making people smile, helping people, a long night’s sleep.
Dislikes: Being alone at night, not knowing where her next meal is coming from, disappointing anyone, putting herself out there, being vulnerable, talking about her parents, paying people, exchange of money at all, insecurity, sunburns, struggling to be on time, her own limbs, feeling inadequate, being asked about her magic.

Motivations: Her motivations are first and foremost to survive. She may not like herself, but she wants to survive. On top of that she hopes to make friends, she wants to be happy. And additionally she would like to help others. At the very most she wants to be a relevant part of people’s lives, and generally do good. Hurting others seems unnecessary to her, there is enough hurt in the world, but if she had to hurt herself or others over the people she has become attached to, she will do what must be done.
Fears: Ren is afraid of being alone, she is afraid to lose people and hurt anyone. She is afraid of generally being a disappointment. She is not afraid of the dark, or fire, but she is afraid of heights. She is afraid, deep down, that anything she touches goes away or falls apart.

Occupation: Guild Mage
Family: Ren had two parents. Pia and Milo Caverly, but she has not spoken to them in years. She was an only child. She feels that maybe if she had other siblings she would not have been such a disappointment to everyone.
Medical Conditions: None.
Pets: None
Hometown: Era
Secrets: That she feels to blame for her best friend's suicide. That her parents left her. That she is insecure. That she doesn't like her magic because it isn't “pretty” enough.

Ren was born to two wealthy and very artistic people. They felt their little girl would be an asset to the family. Not that they didn’t love her, but love was perhaps second to value, and love did not give you value. What you could do gave you value. This set Ren up for always feeling a need to please people, after all, what if they stopped loving her?
It wasn’t so bad to worry if others would love her or not as a child. She went to school and took dance lessons, she had friends, and a family. Her parents owned a lovely theatre in Era for dance performances and often plays. They were primarily interested in dance though, the grace with which one moved. Ren knew that they weren’t pleased with her general clumsiness. It wasn’t that she didn’t have some grace to her, it was that she couldn’t figure out how to use it. She might move through fifteen people and fragile objects without so much as touching one, but it would probably be done while falling on her face or into a wall at the end. More likely than not, to the amusement of passerbys. It was somewhat embarrassing to Pia and Milo to have their daughter act that way, so her dance lessons were cut in order to keep her from embarrassing them.
Losing her dance lessons crushed the shy little girl, but she didn’t admit it to most anyone. She didn’t want to complain. Bad girls complained, and she was not bad. She did tell her best friend though, a lovely little girl named Anya. Anya’s family was not affluent like Ren, but the two went to school together and had been close for most of their lives. Only Anya knew that Ren continued to dance. She was still clumsy, but in her free time she hid in the rafters at the theatre and practiced when she saw performers dance. It wasn’t as good as it could have been, but she was determined to prove her worth to her parents one day.
When Ren was thirteen the war started. Tensions were high at her school and one day attention turned to her. Ren made a comment about some Valland things she liked. She was accused of being a traitor and all the other children started picking on her. Any friends Ren had quickly turned their backs on the girl simply due to high tensions and a side comment. For defending Ren, Anya was attacked by some overly zealous children after school one day. Ren was stricken to think it was her fault Anya would get hurt. Anya was already somewhat depressed, despite her kind nature, and Ren worried about her constantly.
When rumors spread that Ren was a sympathizer with the Valland, her parents made her stay home from school. She had never really spent time honing her magical skill, because she did not think it was pretty enough. She knew some fire magic users who did beautiful fire dances at the theater and she wanted to be like them. Her parents told her that her magic was dark and should not be shown off. When she was stuck in the house, not allowed to dance, not allowed to go to school, she practiced her shadow magic. She tried to incorporate it into her dancing, but she always felt guilty, like she was trying to pretend her magic was good, when she’d been told that it wasn’t. She became depressed alone in her room and so she went to see Anya, sneaking out one night to do so.
Instead of getting to talk to Anya, Ren ran into Anya’s father. He said that since Anya had been getting hurt at school for defending Ren, the two were never allowed to speak again. Normally when Anya was sad, Ren would comfort her, but since it was her fault now, she gave up and accepted what Anya’s father told her. Ren went home and hid in her room for days. Soon she was informed that her friend had killed herself. Ren blamed herself exclusively, both for getting Anya hurt, and for not being there to comfort her. She became extremely depressed, and stopped caring that she was stuck in her room all the time. She read books and practiced her shadow magic.
When Ren was fourteen years old the war came to Era. She had been mostly kept out of the loop of the war, as she was now so reclusive, but when the war reached her home, it was hard to ignore. In the chaos the theater burned down. Ren tried to find her parents but she couldn’t. She spent a week searching, until she found someone who mentioned that they had seen her parents flee. Realizing they had abandoned her, Ren gave up. She hid in the shadows, almost comfortable in her magic now, even though she didn’t show it off. The war raged and at around fifteen years old Ren was picked up by a merchant. He dealt in war supplies and things to help the people in the area maintain while things were bad. Ren appreciated his help, though it wasn’t without cost.
Ren was a sort of trophy. The shy shadow girl, as he called her. His shy shadow girl. He was extremely possessive of her, not letting her talk to almost anyone else, and keeping her at his house or his work all the time. She didn’t mind. She clung to him ad considered him her saving grace. She felt like he cared about her, and she never minded being his entertainment. She worked hard to improve her magic to give him something to watch, though she never felt good about it. He knew she was insecure, and he would make jabs periodically. “That’s good, too bad it isn’t fire.” “You are doing well, but after all that practice, I guess it isn’t so good.” He kept her under his thumb for two years, even past the end of the war.
The war ended when Ren was sixteen, but it wasn’t until she was seventeen that she was alone again. The man, Kenji, had moved to Southern Fiore when the war ended. Back to his base of operations in Oak Town. Ren had settled in there, doing housework, entertaining, being clingy. When she turned seventeen and Kenji said he didn’t want her anymore, she was confused. She wasn’t just crushed, she was lost. He kicked her out and she had no idea of what to do. She had no one, and the only person she’d known for years didn’t want her?
Ren shuffled around South Fiore, heading to Cerulean city, hardly getting enough to survive. She became used to being alone, even more so than before, and used to be, and relying on no one. After all, everyone had left her before, they would again. Still, she was not a bad person, and she liked animals. Soft creatures who didn’t judge her? She definitely liked them. When she saw a cat one night, stuck down a sewer she tried to lift it up with her magic. When she did manage to get the cat, after slipping into the sewer herself, she realized she was stuck. Lifting a cat up was one thing, lifting herself was not something she was confident in. It took a few minutes before a man came and helped Ren out. She was quiet and nervous, but he was quite kind. He had seen her help the cat, and use her magic, and he encouraged her to come to his guild.
Ren was shy and nervous, but the man put in a good word for her and she joined the Lamia Scale. She doesn’t do many jobs, mostly just enough to survive, and keeps to herself. She wants to make friends and improve her magic, but she still has the hurdle of being so shy.

[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: On her back, low enough her hoodie covers it even with the hood down, but not quite low enough that it is between her shoulder blades.

Magic: Shadow Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: This is a magic used to manipulate shadows. The magic can move shadows, and with more effort treat them like a tangible force. It takes more energy to move things with shadows, and eventually the magic can create shadows from any object. Initially shadow magic requires an actual shadow to be manipulated, which is impossible in complete darkness, or under direct light, but as the magic grows the shadows can move through darkness and light and most exist on their own through the power of the magic user.
Strengths: Shadow magic is fairly versatile. At first it is only a very narrow field of illusion, but as it grows it can be used to move and restrain. It can change shapes and stretch out by narrowing and reach great lengths. As it becomes more powerful it can form even in complete darkness and even be conjured from the flickering of fire as it casts shadows around it. It can also be used as a barrier to protect the user. The magic is as powerful or weak as its user.

Weaknesses: A weakness of the magic is that at first it is merely an illusion. It can shift but not actually impact anything else. It can also not be used in complete darkness because there is no light to cast the shadow. Shining direct line on the magic, such as with fire magic, can also destroy the shadow magic at its weakest. It also must retain its size. Although the shape can change, it cannot expand from a bottle’s shadow to cover a whole house.

RP Sample:
Ren hopped up on the railing. The dark wood was sturdy under her bare feet. She was in her pajamas still, but no one was awake so it didn’t bother her. The moon was only starting to creep toward the horizon, and the sun was far from sight. Her feet bent slightly around the wood as she walked over to the edge. The teenager wrapped her legs around the pole at the end, peaking around. Still no one in sight.
As she sat there she slowly saw the darkness creeping up over her leg. She was watching it, watching the shadow slide over her cotton clad legs. It moved to her lap like a blanket, but it offered no warmth. It offered nothing but the sight, and a distraction. She could be in bed, she could be sleeping and resting and ready for the next day, but she was here instead. She could be making friends in the sunlight and actually being useful. Too bad that when she was with people she always felt like she was in their way.
The shadow parted slowly, making a circle, never broken, but now open. Often times shadows were translucent, but not this one. This one was dense. This one could be used as a shield from sight, if hiding behind a wall of black was any way to hide. Ren knew how to hide, if she needed to. The shadow was less a measure of security, and more a constant companion.

Face Claim: Shirasaka Koume, The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.

Desired starting level: 2

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I think this is done? And I was supposed to say level 2? Maybe? Hopefully.

Ren Caverly
Ren Caverly
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Hi and welcome to the site Ren. I am Sinon, and though we haven't had time to talk in the chatbox, for I am a busy person work work work work. I am to grade this app. So without further ado let us begin.

I like your personality, it is detailed. As is almost every other part of your app. Your likes, dislikes, motivations and the like were lacking a bit on the descriptive side like the other things, but still me and my pal, whom has been passively listening to me read this app, give you our approval thus far.

Renata Caverly Thumbs_up_cat

Your history is informative, and unlike most of the other apps I have approved recently, sticks along with the history of the site thus far.

And Ren... you may not like your character... I will keep this a secret between you an me I promise, I just want to say this magic is one of my favorite types of magic, well all magic is my favorite kind of magic. I think you will find it is going to be fun. Feel free to ask me if you need help making your spells.

Overall this app is well written. As much as I love nit picking apps, this app has nothing to nitpick... oh wait there is one thing... this app could have been approved for level 3, but only just. However you asked for level 2, and I shall give you want you want.

Renata Caverly Approv26


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