Kasimir's Earth Spells & Weapon

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Kasimir's Earth Spells & Weapon

Post by Kasimir Sewik on Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:16 am

*Note: Kaz will be starting with 3 spells instead of 5, which also allows him to have a weapon.

Claymore Greatsword:
Weapon type: Claymore Greatsword
Power: ****
Speed: *
Range: **

A 1.5 meter, double-edged sword.  With the tip held to the ground, the hilt ends to about Kaz's chest.  The blade is straight and made of steel, with an unadorned hilt.  It seems like a fairly standard sword, but this also makes it practical.  This sword belonged to Kaz's late master.

Earth Liquification:

Spell name: Earth Liquification
Element: Earth
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: Any earth that Kaz touches becomes softer than sand.  This technique allows him to tunnel through the earth with their bare hands.  It also allows him to bypass some structures like walls, by simply melding a hole through it.  Kaz lacks the skill to make this work on metal, but can go through other earthen compositions such as concrete.

Power: ** (**)
Speed: *
Extra: * Targets Self

Spell name: Earthquake
Element: Earth
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: When Kaz concentrates, he can create an earthquake.  This spell only creates vibrations and does not actually split the earth.  He has no means of controlling the targets, meaning everyone (including allies) within the radius will get hit except himself.  While using this spell Kaz cannot walk or move anywhere, instead forced to brace against his own earthquake. Due to the nature of this spell, Area is the radius of the targeted area of the spell. The spell affects everyone within the stated area equally. The only person not affected by the results of this spell within stated area is the caster.
No stars, nothing happens.
* The radius of the spell is 2 meters
** The radius of the spell is 4 meters
*** The radius of the spell is 6 meters
**** The radius of the spell is 10 meters
***** The radius of the spell is 15 meters
****** The radius of the spell is 20 meters

Area: ***
Extra:*Impact, Nonlethal (Free)

Iron Rock Wall:
Spell name: Iron Rock Wall
Element: Earth
Rank: 2
MP cost: 20 MP
Effect: Earth compacts tightly, becoming very dense and difficult to break.  It then rises from the ground to shield its target.  Kaz's has a more traditional earthen feel to it, rather than the brick layers that other users sometimes exhibit.  The shield can guard against incoming attacks.

Power: ** (****)
Area:  *
Extra: ** (Defending x2)
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Re: Kasimir's Earth Spells & Weapon

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:15 am

Lessee.... So you got a sword and a pinch of supportive magic... I see no faults here..

(My can only hope this doesn't start to become a thing, people exchanging magic for weapons and such....)


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