Celestial Wizard Rules

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Celestial Wizard Rules

Post by PatriotArrow on Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:03 pm

Celestial Wizards

Celestial Wizards are exceptionally rare wizards who can summon beings from the spirit world using objects called Gate Keys. There are any number of silver gate keys made available in shops around Fiore, and assumedly the rest of the world. These keys can summon creatures that can be anything from pets to guardians.

But there are twelve golden keys. These keys are exceptionally rare, and only a few of the celestial wizards in existance even own one, let alone more than one. These keys summon the twelve zodiac spirits, each with their own personality and abilities.

Those that command the zodiac spirits, quirky as they may be, are counted among the most powerful wizards in Fiore. The spirits are nothing without a strong wizard, however. They draw on their summoner’s power to remain in the human world, and they fight their hardest for a wizard who is kind to those that he or she summons to assist them.

Golden Keys

The Twelve Zodiac spirits are more tied to their wizard’s power than the more common silver keys. Each key has its own type of magic and its own MP with which to use its limited set of spells. As the Celestial Wizard controlling the Spirit goes up in level, the spirit itself becomes more powerful, upgrading his or her spells and abilities. Not all Celestial Wizards will ever even have a golden key, but they can be found through events.

A golden key's spells and MP are upgraded when they gain a level. Their MP increases to the next rank, and they become tougher as well. In addition, each spell or ability gains another * to add to an ability or spell, which in turn increases the spell's rank (and MP cost).

Silver Keys

The silver keys are the workhorses of the Celestial Wizard's arsenal. They are bought in many magical shops around Fiore, and can be anything from pets to powerful fighters who serve their masters. Silver keys are static. Their abilities stay the same, though since there are so many, it makes celestial wizards pretty versatile.

Celestial Wizard Spell

Celestial Wizards only get one spell of their own, unless they obtain special lacrimas or make use of holder items. The rest are gained by the use of celestial keys, whether silver or gold.

Celestial Wizard Ability - Pass Through the Gate:
Spell name: Pass Through the Gate
Element: Special
Rank: Caster’s Rank
MP cost: The rank of the spirit summoned, sustain cost is the same.
Effect: Holding the key of the spirit the summoner wishes to call forth, they issue the words “Pass through the Gate! Or some equivelant, calling the spirit from its home in the spirit world. The spirit fights for the summoner and must be sustained for a cost each turn equal to its summoning cost. The spells the spirit uses, however, use the spirits’ own MP, freeing up the wizard’s MP to keep the spirit in the human world.

Creating A Celestial Wizard

(Note: The rules here apply for designing new custom keys to be purchased in the shop as well. Unlike the first key, however, subsequent keys must be purchased after being designed and given a price by a staff member.)

Celestial Wizards don't get spells, since they have spirits to cast their spells for them. They might gain the ability to do later, but at creation, a celestial wizard depends on gate keys to protect themselves. A Celestial Wizard starts with a single silver key of their level, either chosen from the shop for free or created by them much like a person would create a spell. Custom silver keys are added to the shop and can be purchased in the future by other celestial wizards.

Each celestial spirit has three abilities or spells. A few of which may not fit perfectly into the current spell making system. Just like with normal spells, you may check with a staff member to see about getting a spell of appropriate power created to suit your needs. The abilities and spells of celestial spirits may be of their own level or lower.

Starting at rank 5, spirits gain extra spells or abilities of the rank shown below. Note that if it is a gold key, a spirit rising to a rank that gains another spell, they may add another to their list of abilities at a level equal to what they would gain. For example, a rank 4 golden key advancing to rank 5 would gain a new rank 1 spell, which can be upgraded as they grow.

Spells known
Rank 1 - three rank 1 spells
Rank 2 - one rank 2, two rank 1
Rank 3 - one rank 3, one rank 2, one rank 1
Rank 4 - one rank 4, one rank 3, one rank 1
Rank 5 - one rank 5, one rank 3, one rank 2, one rank 1
Rank 6 - one rank 6, one rank 4, one rank 3, one rank 1
Rank 7 - one rank 7, one rank 6, one rank 4, one rank 2
rank 8 - one rank 8, one rank 6, one rank 5, one rank 3, one rank 1
Rank 9 - one rank 9, one Rank 7, one rank 6, one Rank 4, one rank 2
Rank 10 - one rank 10, one rank 8, one rank 7, one rank 5, one rank 4

Celestial spirits are nearly impossible to kill, but their ties to the physical world are slim, and as such they can be damaged enough to send back to the spirit world. A celestial spirit can take their rank x3 *'s worth of damage, and if they take that amount of damage or higher, they disappear for the remainder of the thread. They regenerate *'s equal to their rank each post.

A celestial spirit also has MP like a celestial wizard, and cast their own spells. the MP is more limited, however, since more than one may be summoned.

Rank 1 - 70 MP
Rank 2 - 105 MP
Rank 3 - 150 MP
Rank 4 - 180 MP
Rank 5 - 210 MP
Rank 6 - 250 MP
Rank 7 - 275 MP
Rank 8 - 280 MP
Rank 9 - 320 MP
Rank 10 - 400 MP


The last thing a Celestial spirit has is a set of attributes just like normal characters. Each summoned spirit has 15 *'s to distribute among the attributes. Gold keys have 18 *'s, due to their greater power.

Celestial Spirit Template:

Cost: Same as buying a spell of that level


[img]Place Image here[/ img]

[b]Description:[/b] A short description of the creature
[b]Rank:[/b] 1-10
[b]MP Cost:[/b] Equal to a spell of the spirit's rank per turn it is summoned
[b]MP:[/b] Equal to the MP any spirit has at this rank

[Attributes] 15 points
Power -
Agility -
Toughness -
Intelligence -
Willpower -

[spoiler="Spell/ Ability Name Here"] [/spoiler]

[spoiler="Spell/ Ability Name Here"] [/spoiler]

[spoiler="Spell/ Ability Name Here"] [/spoiler]

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