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Power -   ****
Agility -  **    
Toughness -   *****
Intelligence -   **
Willpower - **

[Basic Information]
Full Name: Ambrose Benedict Wilder
Alias(es):Amie(Ah-me, not Amy), Puppet Master
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: October 1st
Sexuality: Gay. Although he hasn’t actually dated anyone or flirted with anyone, so it is a very passive thing.

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210lbs
Hair: Very light and bright blonde
Eyes: An almost gray blue

General Appearance: Ambrose is six foot two. To some people that is a normal height, although it is in fact very tall, no matter what they say to him. He knows fully well how tall he is, because he used to be very short. Since he used to be so short and grew so rapidly his skin has many stretch marks. His stretch marks are primarily on his shoulders, legs, and lower back. He didn’t mind the growth spurt itself, and he really didn’t mind the stretch marks. In addition to all those thin tear marks on his skin, he has numerous other scars. Scars from fighting, being hit, falling, running into things, and all sorts of things. Most of his scars have faded, but the ones that remain are primarily on his back. In the right light, if he is shirtless, several marks across his back stand out against his skin.

He has two very memorable scars, one on his arm, one on his face. The scar on his face is on his right cheek, just under his eye, leading away from the center of his face. It isn’t the most noticeable by any means, but he knows it is there. The scar on his arm is a long, deep mark. It is one of the more visible scars, even though it is usually covered up. The mark is a mostly straight line. It cuts from his wrist all the way down his arm, with a small mark on his upper arm as well. He often wears long sleeves, so at best less than an inch of this is visible. This means most people don’t notice it, but if he wears short sleeves it is pretty obvious.

Obviously from his height he has to have some weight. He isn’t really that heavy, but he is very sturdy. Most of his weight is from muscles. Actually almost none of it is from fat. He loves to eat, and seeing him scarf down a meal or two in one sitting can lead people to believe he would become fat, but this is never the case. He has an outstanding metabolism. When he didn’t have as much to eat, he was very thin. He eats because he is hungry, not because he has some issue with looking like a stick. He works out, training both his magic and his body. He likes to look capable. He doesn’t care to look formidable, but he does want to at least appear strong enough that he won’t get trouble from people.

Ambrose guild tattoo is on his back, right next to his left shoulder. He put it there so that when he was shirtless, he would be identifiable, and so that if all his scars very visible, the attention would be owed to his guild tattoo. He considers his guild tattoo something to be proud of, and although it is usually covered, it is a sort of security for him. Even if he is vulnerable and he can remind himself to be proud of his stance in his guild. His muscles are fairly obvious, although not obnoxious, when shirtless as well.

He has tan enough skin. It is naturally somewhat fair. He doesn’t spend much time shirtless, but he sometimes trains alone without a shirt on, and that leads to the slight tan. However he keeps covered up enough that it is only slight. His hair is short, jutting out slightly at the ends and appearing what he calls “elegantly  disheveled.” His hair is a golden blond, and his eyes a very bright blue. He is usually smiling, and with his cheerful face framed by his golden blond hair he practically glows with charm. Or he likes to think he does.

Ambrose likes to be clean. He really likes to stay out of the mud and the muck. He spent so much of his life poor, dirty, and pushed around, that he really appreciates staying clean. On top of that his wardrobe reflects this desire almost constantly. Usually he wears a white button down shirt, black slacks and a black blazer with gold trim and a gold chain. The chain goes from his pocket to the top notch of his shirt. He often takes the chain off and just puts it in his pocket, as he finds it somewhat annoying. He likes to dress nicely, but not to wear things that actually get in the way. When he works out he usually wears short and a t-shirt. When he is relaxing in a warm environment he sometimes wears a short sleeved button-up shirt along with some casual slacks.

Ambrose has been told he is quite attractive. He was also asked why he didn’t flirt ever, since he was so friendly. He doesn’t really have an answer for this, but he does appreciate that people hypothetically find him good looking. Unfortunately he’s never really wanted any particular person to find him good looking, so that probably doesn’t make much difference.

Personality: What should Ambrose Wilder be? The son of some very dangerous people. He should be ashamed of some of the things he has done, and he is. He is not proud of the things he did when he was with his parents, but he is proud of what he has made of himself. It isn’t arrogance, but it is pride that all the things he has gone through have neither broken him, nor made him evil. He is still bitter at times. He is bitter at the loss of his family. He knows now that he is an adult that he did horrible things, and that his family did horrible things, but two wrongs do not make it right. Losing his family didn’t help anyone. It probably did help him to be separated from his family, to make him a good person later in life, but that isn’t something he can take and replace his bitterness with. He is vindictive and he is exacting, and he struggles to forgive people who wrong him. He learned that when someone wrongs you, they keep doing it. Accidents are one thing, but choosing to hurt someone else shows your character. It shows that you cannot be trusted and you should not be trusted, because what has changed that you will be better the next time? He is far from passive aggressive. In some ways it can be bad that he is so aggressive, but it is good in that you know where you stand with him. You know it before he knows you down, and if you make him angry enough, he will knock you down.

Speaking of Ambrose knocking people down, that is no joke. He is dangerous when he is angry. When he is happy he is a very cuddly person. He is touchy, he likes to give hugs, he likes to hold hands. He appreciates physical contact. It is a nice thing for him when touching someone isn’t an exchange of pain. However, when his anger boils over, there is going to be pain on one or both ends. He is combative, he likes to fight, he’s a fighter both in the physical sense and in his life. He’s had to struggle to survive, he’s had to fight not to break down and die inside. He’s not going to let someone dictate his life. He is a strong man with a strong will, and no one can deny this. Even if people see him in his normal state, they should know he is strong. Generally he is cheerful and easy going. He’s a likeable person, but there is good and bad in everyone, and when he reaches his limit, he is volatile and violent. It isn’t a switch that goes off. He is quick tempered, but that doesn’t mean people won’t see it coming. He is fierce when he needs to be and relaxed when he can be. He is harsh, intense, and quick. He is a fast fighter, he moves, he thinks, and he acts quickly. He is forceful, his words and his actions drive things home. He doesn’t consider himself threatening, and he doesn’t make threats. If he wants to hurt you, its going to happen. He also dislikes people who hurt the helpless, so if he wants to hurt you, you deserve it. His size, his scars, and his competence in combat can all make him intimidating, especially with his rash nature and hot head. Sometimes being rash is not entirely negative. It is negative on its own, but sometimes it is merely spontaneity.

His spontaneity can also be part of being compulsive. He can be wild and uncontrolled, also unbending. He’s uninhibited and sometimes unpredictable. There are signs of how he will act, but sometimes people still won’t know. In fact, sometimes he won’t know how he is going to act in advance. He’s unconventional. In general, he is a lot of things people don’t expect. Still, he needs social approval. He doesn’t realize that, but he does long to be accepted, and not to worry about opening up to people. He is usually open, showing his emotions and his opinions easily, and he has a lot of opinions. Unfortunately he knows that some things do not need to come up, so he doesn’t admit everything unless directly asked. Most people don’t know what questions to ask. He gets very quiet when he is anxious, but not many things make him anxious. Also, for how talkative he is, not many things make him quiet. He is outgoing and candid. He is charming and charismatic. His smile, which he usually shows, can go a long way. He is bold, bubbly, sociable, conversational, and friendly. He doesn’t have much trouble making friends with most people. He likes to say that he is babbling like a brook when he talks too much, but he says it with such an easy smile that most people just laugh.

Speaking of making people laugh, Ambrose does that quite often. He is an amusing guy, and he finds a lot of things amusing in return. Part of showing his emotions is physical. He is animated, and often moves around while he is happy. In turn this may be part of being a fighter, and his magic being so close to his body. He is goofy and an entertainer. He enjoys just hanging out with people and having a good time with them. Often times he is impatient about things, and he is flighty at times too, but he is a loyal friend and a kind-hearted man. He is always hungry, and at times lethargic. Despite being a hard worker, he really loves napping. Some of that comes from going so long without rest in his earlier life. He is a tall man, and that height was so important in his life that it seems a defining feature. Oddly that people tell him he is handsome is important as well. Usually this comment is paired with a question about how he never flirts. He is so happy and likeably, but he never flirts with anyone, even in jest.

In his life right now, Ambrose is content. No one who knew his life would have thought that he would be encouraging and joyful. If he let his past dictate things, he would not be the optimistic, positive, and hopeful man that he is. Luckily he has decided that his past is not going to dictate who he is. He is in charge of his life. He is deliberate, determined, and disciplined. Well, disciplined except when it comes to naps, or being on time. He has a habit of running late to most things. He also has a habit of loving to stay clean. He doesn’t go and play in the mud. He spent so long being kept in horrible conditions, so long rummaging around in the dirt that now, he loves to stay clean. He appreciates a well-earned sweat, but otherwise, he wants to be clean. Anything thing from his past is that he is stringy now. He finally has money, his own money, and he is keeping it.

He can manipulate people, but most of the time he doesn’t. He can be very lonely because he lost his family, and they were all he had growing up. He can be reckless and judgmental, but he is also curious, asking all sorts of questions, and wanting to get to know people on his own. He is brave, he loves adventure, and he is open-minded. He has a lot of skills, making him adaptable, and he has had to change with the times. Even being focused to the point of fixation at times, he is a delightful person to know. He is realistic, but also resourceful so that when things need to happen, he can make them happen. He is sacrificing and supportive. He is a sweet man, he is fair, quirky but mature.

He has faith in himself that he is a good person, and he will achieve goals he sets. He is chivalrous and civilized. Despite hardly knowing how to read at all, despite anything he has done, he is a civilized man. He is honest and dependable. He might not always be there, but if he has said he will be there, then he will be there. He loves a challenge, and he honestly enjoys them because he can prove himself. Even without proving himself to other people, it is just one more chance to prove himself to himself. He has high self-esteem, but that is no reason to rest on that and not strive for more. He is affectionate, appreciative, and caring. He is passionate and protective. Perhaps those are some of the reasons he makes friends easily. He is known by most people who spend time with him to be a great, fun loving guy. He clearly isn’t perfect, but he is someone of quality, someone to be relied on, and someone good to have in your life.

Likes: A break in bad weather, A clean room, Animals, Attractive people, Back rubs, Being able to write his name, Being complimented, Blonde hair, Brown, Carrying people, Cards, Cats, Children, Chocolate, Competition, Cooking, Cream pies, Cute things, Desserts, Dressing up, Earning money, Eating, Exercise, Fairs, Family, Fighting, Fireflies, Flowers, Fresh baked goods, Funny people, Gems, Giving people gifts, Green, Guilds, Having intellectual conversations, Helping, Herbs, His magic, His own independence, His sister Mariana, Hot bathes, Hot springs, Joking around, Lakes, Lamia Scale, Learning recipes, Making people smile, Meat, Meeting new people, Mountain views, Music, Naps, Nice clothes, Noodles, Other Wizards, Parties, Pillows, Pretty rocks, Receiving gifts, Respect, Rivers, Sandwiches, Saving money, Seeing families together, Seeing new places, Shiny objects, Shopping, Silk, Sleeping in, Slowly learning to read, Smiles, Soft fur, Soft hair, Soft sheets, Soft things, Sparing, Spicy food, Stars, Stretching, Sunsets, Sweaters, Swimming, Taking walks, Talking about dessert, The breeze, The idea of holding hands with someone he likes, The idea that he might like someone some day, The sound of the ocean at night, Theatre, Thinking that he saved Mari by leaving her, Trains, Travel, Vegetables, Warm sand, Water, Weather just cold enough to see your breath, What little he can read, Where his life is now, Winning, Working up a sweat.
Dislikes: Actually having to rely on his magic sometimes when he thinks he should have to, Anxiety, Arrogance, Bad language, Bandits, Beatings, Being afraid, Being alone for too long, Being at sea, Being avoided, Being bitten, Being bored by people, Being bossed around, Being identified as the son of Jim and Kate Wilder, Being made fun of for his name, Being shirtless around strangers, Being slapped, Being told he is weird for not playing in the mud, Being told he sounds like a squirel about shiny things, Being too sick to be independent, Being woken up unexpectedly, Bigots, Boring people, Boring stories, Bullies, Burning food, Chaos, Climbing mountains, Confusion, Crowds in small rooms, Death, Depression, Exhaustion, Feeling inadequate, Feeling shy when he gets gifts sometimes, Frowning, Getting dirty, Going to far, Going too long without a bath, Greed, Guns, Having to wake up early, His own illiteracy, Humidity, Hurting the helpless, Illness, Intoxication, Judgmental people, Killing, Knife fights, Knowing where his meat comes from, Liars, Losing, Messing up, Missing his family, Most bugs, Most candy, Mustaches, Mud baths, Needy people, Nightmares, Not being able to take breaks when he needs them, Not being as flexible as he would like, Not getting to see Mari, Not knowing what to say, Overly greasy foods, Pain, Panic, People who act tough to compensate, People who are unnecessarily loud, People who assume he isn't the sn of Jim and Kate Wilder without actually asking, People who make assumptions, People who make fun of others, People who need social approval, People who talk badly about his parents, Rejection, Rumors about his parents, Scaring people, Seeing people cry, Sour foods, Splinters, Spoiled food, Stealing, Stiff joints, Stomach aches, Storms, Talking about his parents, Talking about his weaknesses, Tears in clothes, That people die too young, The authorities, The exhaustion of long trips, The guilt for having killed someone, The hottest days of summer, The man who captured him, The thoughtful look people sometimes give him when he says his last name, Thorns, Touching things that are too hot, When he gives away his emotions too much, Whips.

To have his own life: He wants to be his own person. He appreciates his guild, and he wants to help them, but they aren’t him. Even if he someday ended up running the guild, which he does not want, it would be a separate entity from himself. He has spent so much time living for his parents or his captors, he wants to know who he is and live for that man.
To find his sister again: Amie very much wants to find Mariana. He loved his sister and he felt like she was entirely his responsibility. He did what he thought was best at the time, but now he doesn’t know what happened to her. Does she remember him? Is she alright? Would they get along now? He has to find her and find out these things. It is his responsibility.
To find out what happened to his parents: His parents disappeared. Did they get hurt, were they killed? Are they out living a good life or have they been captured? He doesn’t know if his parents betrayed him or not, and he wants to find out.
To gain strength: For a man who spent his life being pushed around and stepped on, strength is crucial. He knows he has strength, and he knows that he is a competent fighter, but he wants more. He enjoys his life, but he always wants to improve so that he will never again fall victim to anyone.
To find a purpose in life: It might seem like having goals in life could translate into a purpose. This is not the case for Amie. He knows he has some things he wants to do in life, but that isn’t enough. He wants a real purpose. He wants something he does to mean something, and he wants to have something he really strives for. That thing to get him up in the morning. He hasn’t found this yet.

He is afraid his sister is dead: He feels a deep responsibility to his sister. It was his job to make sure she was safe. He had to make the decision. He is sure it would have done no good to have her when he was captured, but did he make the right choice? Is she alive? Will he ever speak to her again? These thoughts trouble him.
He is afraid Mariana will not like him: If he is lucky enough to find his sister, he worries that she won’t remember him, and if she does, she won’t get along with him. He has had a rough life, and he has no idea what her life has been like.
That is parents are dead: He feels responsible for his parents. He was captured and tormented because of them. It was their lives that led to everything he’s experienced. No matter what, they are his parents, and he wishes them well.
That the bandits will come cause trouble for him again: He likes to think of the bandits as his past. He likes to think the he suffered, and he survived. He likes to think that his new home is safe. Sometimes though, he worries, and those worries would eat at him if he let them.
Storm at sea: Storms are one thing, but at sea is a whole other issue. When he is in a boat he is at the mercy of something else. He is entirely dependent on the whims of the ocean and the skills of the crew. He is not a fan of giving up control of his own fate.

Occupation: Guild Wizard
Family: His parents James and Kate(location unknown), older brother Percival(deceased) and younger sister Mariana(location unknown).
Medical Conditions: N/A
Pets: He has a collection of rabbits at the guild
Hometown: Lamia Scale. He has a small house in Cerulean Town, but he rents that out, so his home is the guildhall.
Secrets: Most of his past is a secret. He doesn’t talk about the person he killed. He doesn’t admit to his fears. He does not talk about his family. He is here. He has scars. That’s all you really need to know. He is open, but it is clear he does not want to talk about the past.

James, also known as Jim, Wilder, and his wife Kate, didn’t think they sounded like the rich and powerful. Unsurprising when they were just poor citizens. He was effectively a lumberjack, and she was effectively a maid. They were not well-to-do citizens, and they also were not honest citizens. Jim would take extra wood home from work and Kate would steal a few things at a time. They weren’t the people you bragged about at a family reunion, but they were loyal. Loyal to family that is. It was one of their better traits.

Percival was five years older than his baby brother Ambrose. Their parents gave them “rich and proper” names to make them seem well-to-do. They said that if their sons had fancy names people would think they were regal. “Names give a first impression, and if you introduce yourself as Jim and Kate, nobody thinks much of you. Percival and Ambrose are fine names.” Ambrose didn’t question it, he was far too young. Percival didn’t seem to mind. Unfortunately they were not high class people. They called their sons Percy and Amie unless they were talking to those outside of the family. It became like a code. You spoke the truth to family, and you put on airs for the rest of the world. “It’s important to know who you can trust. Family.”

Well the naming was nice, but it wasn’t enough to survive off of. Jim never got fired for stealing the firewood, and Kate was never caught stealing food and jewelry, but hey had too young boys. It wasn’t enough. Nothing was ever enough. Percy spent a lot of time babysitting Amie, and they stayed home while their parents earned the food. Percy was seven when they left their home town. Amie doesn’t even remember where they lived, since he was only two. All he knows is that they took to the road to rob people. Any people really. It wasn’t especially important. The Wilder family was not picky. If someone had it, then the Wilder’s deserved it. They had a family to take care of after all.

The Wilder’s were travelling robbers. Indiscriminate. They weren’t exactly discreet either. Riding up with children was not subtle. Often times they left Percy and Amie at their latest hideout. It wasn’t usually anything very special. A one bedroom house. Two bedroom house. Eventually they actually got a house, but that wasn’t until Amie was seven. He’d been very fond of the house. It was built inside a cave, a few winding paths from the entrance of the cave, and you got to the front door. It was filled with shiny objects and soft clothing. It was warm and inviting, at least to the little robber child.

By the time Amie was five the family felt that Percy could hold his own. He could wield a knife if need be, but that wasn’t his job. Jim and Kate went in, distracting everyone, and Percy snuck to the loot. If he got caught, well who would hurt a ten year old boy anyway? That was the rule. Although as things got more and more involved, Amie came too. Percy had to fight off the extra guards, and Amie was the sneak now.

Nothing about the Wilder lifestyle was safe, but they maintained their bubble. Nothing bad could ever happen to them. A few scratches, some close encounters, but they were going to pull through. In fact, things were going so well they decided to settle down and have another child. They had their little safe haven, and enough money to survive. In fact, they had caches around the country to last them if anyone went bad.

“See how good this life is?” Jim had said to the boys one night, “We make our own hours, we only answer to each other. The world can’t tell us what to do. We take what we need. They had more than enough, and we were struggling, but we fixed that. It was always so important to provide for you boys. Your mother and I love you very much. You know that, right?”

“Of course, Dad,” Percy said. Amie looked at the gash down his brother’s shoulder from a guard trying to cut his arm off. He’d been carrying a heavy chest away. The guard slashed out at Percy while Amie was filling a bag with the trinkets in people’s coats. Sleeping people. Sleeping people who didn’t wake up. He had been told not to ask. The man had grabbed Percy when the little boy dropped the chest. He was eleven at the time. Amie could remember their father coming up from behind and cutting the man’s head off with an axe.

“Daddy, are we good people?” Amie asked, biting his lip. His father, several scars worse for wear, but still appearing as alive and healthy as ever, turned to him. He looked concerned for just a second, but smiling.

“Of course we are, Amie. We’re the best people.”

Maybe Amie didn’t know what to believe, but his parents often told him what to believe.  They reminded him that they didn’t discriminate, and the people they robbed must have more money elsewhere. He was young and curious, but he wasn’t going to disagree with his parents, so he just accepted it.

Things really were going well for them all. They were confident in their abilities to sustain this lifestyle. Maybe they were getting cocky about things, but it is hard to see back that far. Hindsight may be clear, but only when you knew what was happening at the time. Ambrose didn’t know everything that was going on. He was kept out of the fighting still, but he wasn’t excluded from family news. The family was planning to expand. One more child. They wanted to have a child who would grow up outside all of the hard work. They didn’t call it crime. They knew what it was, but their children didn’t. Jim and Kate were the only influences in Percival and Ambrose’ lives, so they could teach them whatever they wanted.

When Ambrose was seven years old his family added Mariana to their ranks. Maybe having a daughter didn’t seem like adding to the ranks, for some, but it did to Ambrose, looking back. He was becoming one of his father’s little soldiers. The hatchet man, quick hands, the little soldier, and the sneak. No longer was it enough for Percy to do the running, and Amie to hide, Percy was a necessary soldier, and that meant Amie had to be part of the team. While Jim strength and skill with an axe became his niche, the rest of them didn’t have skills that easily translated into a fighting ability. They couldn’t be too predictable either. While Amie was an innocent little blond, Percival got his parents dominant brown hair. He had more scars, and could fake an attack victim. Amie was better at acting a frightened child. While Amie was a distraction, Percy was a lure.

Witless help came to Amie’s rescue while his parents started the raid. Separate and conquer. Amie would then sneak away and grab the loot while the fighting started. Unsuspecting victims came to Percy’s aid. He would throw something, from sand, to poison, in their face, knock them over, and run. Some nights Percy wasn’t allowed to eat until he could knock his father down. It became easy. He was a good little solider. Kate was good at swiping things. Knives and other weapons suddenly disappeared from opponents who might hurt her husband. Latched on horse carriages would come undone. She didn’t strictly fight, but she could help overall.

So this was routine, they all had their part, but Mariana wasn’t going to have a role. She was to be stashed somewhere and collected after fights. They wouldn’t risk getting her involved. She couldn’t fend for herself, or even escape in a distraction, so there was no way they’d put her in harm’s way. They couldn’t leave her somewhere though. They couldn’t trust anyone in the world except family. This was one thing Amie believed above all else. He became very attached to Mariana. As the youngest, he was the least involved in the criminal dealings.

While Kate would sort the loot, and Jim would count it, Percy would find things to use in the next fight. It was so important to him to have something better. He kept a pair of daggers in his foots at all times. He didn’t even take them off to sleep. He had once ventured into town, at thirteen years old, to buy very select objects. Mariana had just been born, and she needed some medicine. Also, he needed a type of acid. It did some amazing things to people’s faces when he wanted them distracted. It wasn’t humane, but Jim said it was fine, so Percy never questioned it.

Even while Percy was the little solider, Ambrose looked up to his brother. He would give Amie small gems in a box. Sometimes when their parents left together to tend to business, they wandered off together. Jim and Kate were no doubt selling some of their loot in exchange for necessary goods to survive. Amie didn’t ask, because he loved his time with Percy too much.

Once such adventure involved Mariana. She wasn’t a year old yet, just short of her birthday. Percy was so strong, Amie couldn’t imagine him as less than superhuman. He carried Mari in one hand and helped Amie up the Cliffside with his other. He’d told Amie to bring his box of gems, and Amie, as usual, didn’t question his older brother. They reached the top and sat on a stable rock.

“Let me see the box, Amie,” Percy had said. He settled Mariana on one leg, with Ambrose on his other side. She was giggling and trying to pull at his pony tail. He didn’t even flinch. Ambrose handed the box to his older brother as the sun set in the distance. “Here, hold up a rock to your eye,” he said, letting Amie pick one.

The colors streaming through amazed Ambrose. He didn’t understand how it all worked, but he was impressed. Just one more amazing thing about his big brother.

“Here, let Mari try it!” Amie said excitedly. He handed her one of the expensive stones. She took it greedily and soon tossed it down the mountain. Amie was mortified, and looked near tears, but his brother patted him on the back, insisting it was fine. “B-but, but I lost it! You gave that to me. Ma said its special…”

“No…. they’re not special. We’ll always have more of them. I’ll get you some more. You’re pretty special, but the rocks… they’re always more of ‘em around here. It’s nothing important.”

That was how they lived. They were certain things would stay perfect. Even if things changed slightly as Mari got older, overall this was their life. Tossing money aside like it was a simple rock. They had everything, and they had it down to a science. Unfortunately everyone hated the Wilders. They had no loyalties to anyone but family, and that meant that the world was full of enemies. Very, very angry enemies.

Their routine had been predicted. Mariana, at just over a year old, was stashed so that she could be easily found later. She knew to be quiet. That was the only thing she knew to do. Amie was being the distraction, but it didn’t work out that way.

The memory has blurred together in Ambrose’ mind. He can remember certain moments clearly, as if it was a video on fast forward but it was paused for a few seconds every so often. He remembers being grabbed and someone shouting something about an ambush. He remembers screaming and biting the man, who dropped him, and a gun. He grabbed the gun and ran somewhere. The fighting was brutal. People came out of hiding. Places that should have had loot were filled with other people. He saw his mother on her horse, and the horse being knocked down. She was on the ground but Jim ran up and cut at the man about to kill Kate.

It came to Ambrose mind that a man was walking the wrong way. And over the screaming her heard Mariana crying. He sprinted past the fighting, but when he saw the man raising a weapon against the hidden baby he panicked. He shot the gun and saw the man fall. He didn’t know the gun was magically fueled. It burned in his mind and he threw it away when he got to Mari. She was bawling on the ground, next to the dead man and his mace. He remembered his father saying they were good people, and they couldn’t trust anyone but family. He scooped up Mari and turned back to the fighting. It appeared Jim was leading people away, but Kate and Percy were out of sight.

Ambrose wanted to find his family, but he knew with Mari he needed to run. He turned and headed away, soon hearing another horse running up to him. He started running until he heard his mother’s name and she helped him up on the horse with his sister. They got back to their home eventually and Amie realized his mother had a massive gash down her face. He asked where Jim and Percy were.

“Jim… he… was leading them off. If he survives he will find us. He will find us,” she said quietly. It sounded like she was convincing herself, Amie kept the now sleeping Mari in his lap. “Um, Percy, he, um… he’s not coming back. Someone got to him, and…. He’s not coming back,” she said again. She couldn’t bring herself to say that he’d died. She never really wanted to say it. She never wanted to think that it might have been her fault for bringing her children into such a dangerous life.

Amie couldn’t understand. The little soldier couldn’t fall. He always won. He was a soldier, he was unbreakable. Amie’s brain didn’t register this. It kept looking for Percy. Even months later he would expect to see Percy. His brother found him in dreams and they would sit on the mountain looking at the lights. It just didn’t make sense. At the time Ambrose just changed the subject.

“Ma. I shot someone. I think he died…”

Kate seemed surprised by that since Amie wasn’t a fighter. When she found out that it was to protect Mari she insisted he was fine. It wasn’t like she was going to make him feel bad for what they did so often. Still it shook him to have killed someone. He also had nightmares about that. The nightmares settled down when Jim finally made it back to them.

It took him two days to return to the family. He was limping and short a chunk of his finger, but he made it home. The family could never admit that their lifestyle might have been a problem. They were good people and that was their stance. It wasn’t their fault people had taken Percival from them. No. Still in their denial Kate and Jim knew they had to stop. They were going to stop stealing from people and go into hiding. Too many people knew about them here. They needed to get a boat and head far away. Maybe Jim would go back to being a lumberjack. It seemed almost funny to imagine being normal.

They took enough money to assure their children the life they’d always intended to give them. They loaded up certain goods and waited in their cave. It seemed more like a cave than a home lately. Without Percival there. Still, they needed to  heal and let things die down. It took a full month and they still had supplies. Unfortunately the family was stir crazy and finally decided to make the trip out.

It seemed so safe at first. They still didn’t want to risk being seen, so they planned to stow away on the boat. Under no circumstances was Amie allowed to let his sister out of his sight. He had a few of his personal gems hidden on his person. He didn’t even tell his parents. They had said he couldn’t keep any of the loot, it would look suspicious if they were searched. To him it wasn’t loot, it was something Percy had given him, so he wasn’t willing to part with it. He and Mari were stashed in a crate. It wasn’t comfortable for the eight year old boy and his baby sister, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Jim and Kate were going to hide elsewhere, but when Amie heard the yelling, he knew something went wrong. They were hardly away from shore but he heard people shouting about catching his parents. He was sure he and Mari would be found, so he climbed out of the box. It was chaos on the other end of the ship, where people seemed to be chasing down his parents. He used this chaos to get off ship and run.

He not only didn’t know how to get back home, but he knew it would do him no good. His parents had been hunted away. It seemed they hadn’t been caught. It was all anyone in town talked about. For years to come he heard rumors about his parents. Rumors that said they were still alive, and maybe they had gone back to much more subtle crimes. Unfortunately he never knew, because he never found his parents. It was up to him to do what was best for Mariana.

While he traveled with Mariana he realized he could perform minor body magic. He never interacted with people. He was sure they would recognize him and turn him and his sister in. Strangers had to be avoided at all costs. Only family could be trusted, and in this case, she wasn’t even talking yet. Sometimes people would see them. They would imply that he was a Wilder, and they would chase him and his sister. This is how he found out he had magical potential. When he could jump too high, run too fast, or pull things too heavy for his body, he suspected something. As time went by he slowly learned how to do this on purpose, not just when he was in a panic. It was a relief to finally have something he could rely on besides luck.

The next year was difficult for Amie. It was always hard to hide with a toddler. It was hard enough for a nine year old to find ways to survive. Ambrose loved Mariana more than anything. She was his only company, and besides the gems he still had hidden away, she was the only tie to the past he still had. It wasn’t fair to her though. He knew that if she grew up with him she would be tied to him. If he separated from her she could grow up normal. She could actually have a life. It scared him to part from her, but he knew he had to do it.

Amie found an orphanage when Mariana was two. He couldn’t stay with her. He was so afraid people would recognize him. He left Mariana with one of the gems, hoping that in some way Percy would be able to protect her.

“Mari, keep this and don’t let anyone see it, or they’ll take it. Okay?” That was his advice to her. She happily agreed. He tried to explain he had to leave her there, but she didn’t really understand. He wrote her name on a paper and left it with her as well. He hadn’t learned how to write, but they had learned to spell all of their own names. He didn’t put Wilder at the end; he didn’t want that following her, but he did want her to have her first name. At that point he left, knowing the orphanage had to take in a little girl. It was the best plan a nine year old could come up with.

Even though Amie was sure that leaving Mari was the best thing for her, it ate at him every day. He had more nightmares, and he cried most days. He lost interest in doing anything fun. At least with her he could teach her and share things with her. Now it was him, and it didn’t matter. The loneliness was terrifying, but he would much rather being lonely to what ended up happening about four months later.

Maybe it was bound to happen. Maybe it was how sloppy Amie got when he was depressed. He knew that one day he would visit Mariana, but it was hard to be alone. One day while he was walking along the road someone recognized him. He assumed this meant his parents must be alive, because their memory was kept so fresh people could actually identify him.

Ambrose was arrested. The authorities were a bit rough with him, but since he was a child, they held back. It could have been worse, he learned very quickly. As they started transporting him they were attacked by some bandits. The men were killed and Amie was taken. They assumed he knew where to find his parents, but when he insisted he didn’t, no one stopped to believe him.

His family had robbed these bandits, and they hated him more than he understood. The bandits tortured him for days. Even when they were convinced he honestly didn’t know where his parents were, they didn’t stop. They were angry that he didn’t know. It wasn’t fair. They wanted Jim and Kate, and this had been the most promising lead. Their frustrations could have broken the little boy, but one of them had a better idea. Wouldn’t it be funny if the kept him as a little house slave? Wouldn’t that be a nice slap in the face of the Wilders? At least it would mean sparing his life.

The bandits had their own camp that Amie lived at. It seemed that if there was ever a chance to torment Amie, they took it. They even made fun of his name, saying it made him sound like a girl. He didn’t see the point, and he never spoke up for himself. He constantly had bruises. When he messed something up at camp he was beaten more or whipped. He focused on his tasks, cooking, cleaning up, and generally being told he was in the way.

At ten years old he was given some rabbits. He’d never had a pet, so he was actually excited about the prospect of raising some. She spent two years raising rabbits. He bred them and spent most of his day in the rabbit area. When most of his day was full of pain and hardness, it was soothing to go feet his rabbits and pet their softness. It was the only thing he looked forward to. It reminded him of brushing Mariana’s hair. That lasted for two years.

He had raised a small bunny army in a sense. It was then the bandits informed him that the rabbits were there for an extra food supply. All the suffering Amie went through on a daily basis had gone numb. Hearing that his rabbits were there to be killed and eaten made his stomach churn. Ambrose freaked out and started crying. He was left alone in his small sleeping space for the rest of the day. He refused to eat. He was inconsolable and became ill and even weaker than he had been. Although none of the bandits actually liked Ambrose, they didn’t want him to die and become useless to them. They gave him food he eventually agreed to eat, and gave him another job. Now he was the human punching bag.

Ambrose woke up early and was pulled over to their training area. A few of the bandits could use magic, and for the most part he took it all. Fire attacks, wind attacks, he was tripped, punched, knocked down and yelled at to get back up. He was five foot two and couldn’t defend himself. The bandits would say that since he was smaller it was a greater challenge to hit him, but they knew better. For the little he learned to dodge or defend, if he fought too well, even by a fluke, he was punished for it. He wanted to get away one day, but he never had the energy to try. He was basically put back to bed when he was too tired to keep standing.

At thirteen years old Amie was getting used to his fate. He would actually carry conversations at times. The newer bandits seemed to like him. They didn’t have such a personal loathing for his parents, so they didn’t understand his treatment. Things grew slightly lax at camp. He was walking around when he found some papers about their loot. He honestly still couldn’t read, so it didn’t mean much to him, but he kept staring at it. Maybe it had names on it he would recognize. He felt a searing lash of a whip against his arm and dropped the paper with a yelp. The line on his arm formed into a very noticeable scar.

At fourteen years old Amie actually started growing. By the time he turned fifteen he’d grown a full foot in one year. This shifted him from the shortest person in camp to one of the tallest. It also made the fights worse. He started standing up for himself and actually fighting back against his opponents. They didn’t like this, but he always lost, so they took him as an actual sparring partner instead of a punching bag, and most accepted it. Unfortunately one day he got really angry and actually beat up one of the bandits. He was knocked down by the magic of another bandit and drug away into one of the tents. The bandit captain held a knife to his face, threatening to cut his eye out. It was intimidating, but Amie tried not to let it get him down. He promised to better. He never won another match.

It wasn’t really a match anymore. They just came and beat him. He knew if he fought back at all he was going to lose his eye, but he had seen that he could actually fight. He had to get out. As luck would have it there was a fair at a nearby town. Most of the bandits were there stealing, and Amie managed to escape in the lax security.

Being free to exist on his own was confusing for Amie, but the first thing he did was go to the orphanage to check on Mariana. The people there remembered who he meant, but said she had been adopted and moved years earlier. He convinced one of them to write out a letter for him and left it for her. He doubted he would ever see her again, but it was the least he could do.

At sixteen years old Amie heard something about the dragons leaving, but since he had never seen one, he didn’t really care. He wandered for the most part, avoiding the bandits and most people, again. He’d learned a good deal about his magic by now, and kept training. At eighteen years old Amie found Lamia Scale. They appreciated his friendly personality and his skill. He was accepted there and used the guild as a hiding place for almost a year. He did eventually get into the swing of actually working with people, but soon he went back to looking for Mariana. At twenty-years old the war began. His efforts to look for Mariana had to cease, and he worried she might be hurt in the war.

At twenty-three years old the war ended. Ambrose wished he could find his sister, but he knew this was too unlikely by now. He was used to the people at Lamia Scale, and was actually fairly popular. By now he is taking on jobs to get to know other members of his guild. He also keeps looking for information about his sister, but not so obviously that people will question him on it. He never expected his life to end up this way, but he is outstandingly grateful it has. He tries not to think about the negatives of his past, so he can focus on the positives of the present and make more for the future.

Guild & Magic:
[Guild & Magic]

Guild: Lamia Scale.
Guild Tattoo: His back, right next to his left shoulder. It is Green. Like the Lamia Scale icon.

Magic: Body Magic
Caster or Holder: Caster.
Description: This is a magic used in channeling your power through your body. It is effectively an attribute strengthening magic. The magic rarely leaves the users body, and if it does it is only with accompanying physical motions to “send” the magic at someone else so to speak. It appears like a form of martial arts, but the magic can be channeled into touched objects, and sent flying at times.
Strengths: When you can get your opponent in close range you have the advantage. This magic is as versatile as the caster. Although it must start from the body of the user, and more often than not from their hands, it can travel apart from them. It is based in the physical fighting style of the caster as an extension of their skill. In this way also it is only as good as the caster, but for an apt fighter it can be very useful. Since it is an extension of the users magic through their body, it can be used with great finesse.
Weaknesses: The weaknesses are very much the other side of the same coin. The magic is only as useful as the caster is competent at fighting. It is not versatile standing still, it must be used creatively and that is where the versatility comes from. It must originate from the body of the caster. A weak fighter can be subdued and not know what to do with a fighting style of magic. It is not meant to be used as a ranged attack, and it puts the user in greater danger by requiring close combat.

RP Sample:
The music at the bar made Amie sway back and forth. He was sitting at the bar with the friend who had brought him. She seemed convinced that he secretly liked women, he just had never said anything. It wasn’t a stretch, because he’d never even implied he liked men. She had a fifty/fifty shot of being right. Unfortunately she was wrong, but he hadn’t corrected her. When she said “so you have to like some girl, I mean, right?” he just smiled and shrugged. She took it the wrong way, deciding they’d go out to the bar and find him a girl.

“What about that one, Amie?” she asked, pointing at some girl elsewhere in the room. He glanced over, his shoulders still moving about as he kept swaying and dancing a little. He shook his head. “Augh! Why must you be so difficult? She’s pretty. Why not go and say hi?”

“If you think she’s so pretty, why don’t you go introduce yourself to her?” he asked her with that smile still plastered on his face. He didn’t mind any of this. It was a fun time for him.

She groaned, “Because, obviously I like men. Besides, we’re here for you.”

“That’s ironic,” he smirked. He pulled his glass over and chewed on an ice-cube. He’d just ordered ice-water, because he wasn’t much for drinking.

“How is that ironic?” she asked, becoming very slightly impatient.

“Oh, nothing,” he said, waving a hand to dismiss her worry. He grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the bar, “We should dance!”

“You’re so frustrating,” she said despite laughing, “I’ll find you someone someday, just you wait.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he reminded her. He highly doubted she would ever manage to find someone he liked. He’d never managed it in his twenty-five years, but if she wanted to try, it was fine by him.

Face Claim: Sendo Iori from Fortune Arterial

Desired starting level: 3.

Ambrose Wilder
Ambrose Wilder
Lamia Scale C
Lamia Scale C

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Post by Ambrose Wilder on Mon Jun 16, 2014 11:13 pm

Rank 1 Spells

Power Up:
Spell name: Power Up
Element: N/A
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: A basic buffing spell. There is almost no visible change when casting this spell. The iris of the caster’s eyes flash a different color depending on what attribute the buff is affecting. Red, Purple, Orange, Silver or Black, for the corresponding Power, Agility, Toughness, Intelligence, or Willpower. Although the spell itself is not powerful, it gives a helpful boost to whichever attribute is needed at the time.

Power: *(**)
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: ***
Buff, Sustained, Targets Self

Long Jump:
Spell name: Long Jump
Element: N/A
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: A straightforward body magic spell. The magical power is pushed through the feet so that the caster can spring away, either up or in whatever direction the caster is primarily jumping. The impact spell pushes a force away, but combined with nonlethal it pushes the caster back, nonviolently. The additional speed of course increases the caster’s natural speed, and the power makes the jump even farther. In effect it is a powerful spring jump for evasion purposes, or pursuit if used in that way.

Power: **
Speed: *
Area: 0
Extra: *
Impact, Nonlethal(Free)

Binding Strike:
Spell name: Binding Strike
Element: N/A
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: This spell uses conflicting powers together. The color drains from the hand when this spell is activated, as if the blood had drained away, but this only lasts a moment. The Spell Bound power of this spell traps the magic of an opponent for a time depending on the power of spell. The spell also delivers a paralyzing effect that lasts half the time of the magic bind. Normally the bind is damaging, but couples with the nonlethal effect it is able to bind without harm, allowing it to also bind the use of the magic and physical.

Power: **
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: **
Binding Spell, Nonlethal(Free), Spell Bound,

Basic Power Punch 1:
Spell Name: Basic Power Punch 1
Element: N/A
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: A very specific spell. In combination with other spells it is a force to drive home the power of the caster. The caster’s fists surge with intense power, breaking into the defender. The magic does not expand farther than about an inch from the caster’s hands. A close miss will still connect the impact to the target, sending it back no further than the power of a normal fist, allowing for multiple punches in close combat. A direct hit additionally hits the target with all the power of the spell, in addition to the action strength of the caster’s natural power.

Power: 4
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: 0

Basic Power Punch 2:
Spell Name: Basic Power Punch 2
Element: N/A
Rank: 1
MP cost: 10 MP
Effect: A very specific spell. In combination with other spells it is a force to drive home the power of the caster. The caster’s fists surge with intense power, breaking into the defender. The magic does not expand farther than about an inch from the caster’s hands. A close miss will still connect the impact to the target, sending it back no further than the power of a normal fist, allowing for multiple punches in close combat. A direct hit additionally hits the target with all the power of the spell, in addition to the action strength of the caster’s natural power.

Power: 4
Speed: 0
Area: 0
Extra: 0

Rank 2 Spells

Thick Skin:
Spell name: Thick Skin
Element: N/A
Rank: 2
MP cost: 15 MP
Effect: The caster’s skin crystalizes slightly for a moment, then the affect becomes indistinguishable. This spell only affects the caster, and cannot cause harm. It is merely a shield type of attack, coating the entire body of the caster and providing a strong shield if it can be sustained for long. It recharges a small amount of power over time.

Power: (******)
Speed: *
Area: 0
Nonlethal(Free), Defending**, Sustained, Targets Self

Rank 3 Spells

Power Strike:
Spell name: Power Strike
Element: N/A
Rank: 3
MP cost: 25 MP
Effect: This is a very specific, but deceptively simple spell. In combination with other spells it is a force to drive home the power of the caster. The caster’s fists appear to flicker slightly with flames. The magic does not expand farther than about an inch from the caster’s hands. A close miss will still connect the impact to the target, sending it backwards and touching it with the burn. A direct hit additionally hits the target with all the power of the spell, in addition to any actual strength from the caster’s natural power.

Speed: 0
Area: 0
Piercing, Impact, Burning


Ambrose Wilder
Ambrose Wilder
Lamia Scale C
Lamia Scale C

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Primary Magic : Body Magic
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